No 2v2 achievments

So there is no way to earn the 2v2 achievmenys in this 2v2 playlists. I was really hoping you could

There are two achievements exclusive to 2v2.

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The achievements not showing progress on the christmas playlist. I should have pointed out the xmas playlist

it wouldn’t be on the 2v2 playlist since 1 is for horde and 1 is for the snowball event that doesn’t appear until monday

Brothers till the end is up right now untill monday. They got it up in place of snowball due to technical difficulties

I wonder if it’s because one is Core tuning and one is Competitive?

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but theres no challenge for that

Im only talking about the achievment for winning a certain amount af matches

then its probably for the reason Krylon mentioned

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I didnt see what he put but im just gonna assume that it was only ment for ranked 2v2 even though the btte is public 2v2

I’m going to hazard a guess here in that the reason why the BttE playlist isn’t counting is because it isn’t set up properly for the achievements. It could be what Krylon said, with it not counting due to BttE being Core tuning versus the 2v2 Gnashers competitive tuning, or it could be because it was just thrown up due to technical issues with Snowball Fight and it hasn’t been added to the list of playlists that count for the 2v2 achievements. I mean, it SHOULD count for these, but there are extenuating circumstances around it.

Your probably right. Its no big deal though. I just thought it was worth pointing out. Funny thing is i have 1 % on the snowball challenge because i got a kill with the boomshot in btte. Im sure that should not have happened