No 2v2 Achievements please!

No 2v2 achievements please…as mentioned many times already that those in lower population region, we CANNOT even FIND A SINGLE MATCH on those gametypes in Competitive playlist. Why still wanna do this kinda cheevo!?

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I can find a match and don’t want to do it, lol. The lag in the two matches I played was so bad I gave up.

Competitive tuning + Latin America players pinging 10x my ping = Gnasher doesn’t work.


Wait you really can’t get games in 2v2? Sometimes that is the only mode I can get games. It’s much easier since you only need to have 1 teammate and 2 randoms. If anything, just get 3 other friends and go find each other.

They announced two achievements for 2v2 today.

Yeah, but he’s pleading with TC to reconsider these as they’re not finalized yet. If there are regions that players can’t find matches in it’s a fair request to not include these achievements. No one should have to be frustrated or jump through hoops to earn an achievement just because the game won’t allow them to play a specific mode for one reason or another. Either make the competitive modes Public and Private matches or don’t include the achievements at all if it’s an issue. Just because it’s a new mode doesn’t mean achievements need to be included.

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Once again with this, “I can’t have it so please don’t let anyone else have it”.

Someone please explain what harm it causes to you if others are able to get these achievements.

If there is an achievement added to the game it should only be done if everyone can obtain it at the time of its addition. If the achievement is obtainable during its first month but you can’t get it during the second month it would have at least been obtainable. I’ll be able to get it but those in regions that can’t ever find matches it’s not really fair to add it. The Coalition need to come up with things that the community as a whole can go for instead of forcing those without the ability to get it through no fault of their own to miss out on it.


I agree in spirit but not in this situation as I think that argument would defeat quite a few achievements. Reason being, a lot of people can’t get matchmaking in their region, or very limited matchmaking.

Competitive is a large issue though. It’s lowly populated in every region including the USA. I can find matches in Escalation but it can take 5-7 minutes at times. Some regions can’t find them at all. Core I have no issues though and should be manageable for everyone I’d think.

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You still can’t find a match with only 4 player per match?

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I don’t think that is really fair mate. Conversely what harm does it cause other players .


What harm does neglecting the game cause? Is that what you’re asking?
Not everything is fair to all users and I personally don’t care for devs pandering to all players as if they children, each requiring the same thing or no one gets any at all.

I say that as someone who dislikes achievements and would be fine if the whole system were scrapped. But, since there are people who like them, I’d rather TC make them available, despite the fact that some regions are dead.

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Seriously? You need 3 other people. At least you don’t need 9 other people.

If you wanted to go all in then all you really need is two consoles and two controllers each.

All I can say is LFG is a brilliant thing if you want achievements.