Ninja myrrah go whooosh

Can anyone else hear footsteps for the ported BS myrrah? I was playing against her and a heroic myrrah last night and while I would always be able to hear the heroic running up behind me, the BS seemed to make no sound while moving (I play with headphones) anyone else having this issue? (not like it hasn’t been a thing for certain characters).

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From experience the game chooses when it makes their footsteps heard

Sometime I turn around just in time, sometimes no clue at all and it’s not like I’m in a gun fight or lancering every time I don’t hear them


I dont hear footsteps at all in versus until the person is breathing down my neck lol

In gears 6 they need to make the sound design like UE.


Pay to win baby!

In all seriousness, the audio is just bad. Sometimes I can’t hear footsteps at all. Other times I can hear them loud and clear, but they’re like 30 feet away.

Same goes with grenades. Sometimes I can’t hear them at all. Other times it sounds like it’s right under me and I end up diving straight into it.


Oh man this is soo true.

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