Niles weapon skins tied to medals :(

Anyone else bummed out that the Niles weapon skins are tied to medals, instead of being unlockable in the normal Tour? :pensive:

Was really hoping to get the rest of the skins, but I’m not going to grind Escape/Weekly events etc. to unlock them…

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Luckily they are S hite. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I get your point. I got the ink load out last night, now they are sexy.


It’s good thing the cooler executions are tied to easier Basic, Escape, Hivebusters, Heroes and Horde Medals rather than Versus, Ranked or Special Events.


I know. But they’re so ugly that I actually like them… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Only have the Gnasher, as I didn’t pick up the Lancer when it was available. (Still using my PDP Replica skin)

I just wanted them as skins for my other guns. But it ain’t gonna happen by the looks of it… ;p

And you’re right. The other skins look better. (I’m even digging the new Team Circuit and Island skins from the supply)

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Yeah I’m just glad nothing really cool like Onyx Guard skins are locked behind medals this time.