Nice to see the rank system is just as broken as it was in 4 if not worse

I knew the ranking system was bugged during the tech test, I got matched against the same 5 man in esca when in being in my own 4 stack matched with a terrible random/quitter and that would get me deranked despite us consistently taking rounds, not to mention playing against a team of people that quit would put you at a disadvantage because not getting a kill/getting killed would derank you massively(an issue that still hasn’t been resolved from what I’ve heard)

Now we’ve got to Gears 5 and here’s what happened, managed to solo queue my way to Onyx 2 in guardian quite quickly and fast, then I went on a loss streak with a win or 2 in there and got deranked to Onyx 1, practically every game I was top team, top slayer of the lobby, top leader killer and survived the most and longest as leader and yet I would constantly lose rank points, Now I’m back to my winning ways in Onyx 1 and I get barely any points, barely getting double digits towards my next rank, it’s reminiscent of my % getting stuck no matter how much I won in Gears 4(which was complete bs and shouldn’t have been a thing) and in Gears 5 this isn’t me having a good game every so often, this is consistently great games

Now at least in Gears 4, SOMETIMES I’d keep my rank on losses while being top team however this no longer happens at all, please explain that if I’m killing leader everytime I’m not leader(because everyone I get on my team is incapable of getting kills) and then dying when I am leader because my team is in capable of doing anything(even with me supporting them with crossfire) that I’ m the one that gets penalized despite being top teams and having 20-30+ kills EVERY game and having atleast 1 if not more leader kills per match and surviving sometimes 10+ minute rounds because my team is awful

Please look at the rank system

I agree @TCOctus could you assist here please