Nice tier system, bro

Just here to vent my frustrations of losing 4000 points for absolutely no reason. Thanks, TC

Who else lost an absurd amount of points today, and how much?

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Take a look around man. Already plenty of threads with similar findings

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Same here man, i came back from work played 1 TDM match, mvped it, and realized i was down 4000 points lol

Yup me too, just lost all drive to play. Took me awhile to rank up to Silver 3. I was 41%, did half decent in a match I won and somehow got dropped to silver 2 all the way down to 91%.


Still going to make a thread, though. Only way sh*t will get done around here is by people complaining about the issues.

Can’t speak with 100% certainty, but i think nothing was done about the last tier system hiccup, and I’m not going to let 4000 hard-earned points go down the drain because of an eff up.

Thry need to address this, like, tonight, because too many people are getting screwed over and are pissed off.

I’ve lost 9000 skill points. Went from onyx 1 to silver 2 king of the hill. Already had my rank re calibrated once. It’s depressing, makes me not want to play the game.

Was there ever any explanation for this?? Tons of people lost tons of rank for no reason and I never gained mine back

They had to tune the ranking system mid season to accurately portray everyone’s rank. At least that’s accordingnto TC. Some people lost some, others gained some. You’ll obviously won’t hear from those that went up though.

Didn’t they already do this like over a week ago too? This will be my third time working from the very top of Silver 2

Ah my bad, thought you were referring to back when they did the adjustments.



lol Hey I’m just repeating what TC said. :sweat_smile:

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