Nice Job , TC! (No sarcasm)

Hi there!

Terry Sander here , battle-tempered Gear , metalhead , italian pasta eater.

I just wanted to congrat with the whole Xbox Team for bringing such an E3 to my eyes.
It’s been years since I’ve been THIS hyped after the conference.

I also wanted to congrat with The Coalition sincerely.
I mean , the Gears of War part in this was MASSIVE.
The Gears 5 trailer looks insane , have you guys seen the Brand New Lancer the Blue-Armored guy is holding in the cinematics? Also … killing things with a Locust Mace? Count me on , buddy.

But what gave me the goosebumps during the conference is GEARS TACTICS.

An XCom-like Gears game settled during the Locust War?
Forming your Gear Team? Fighting team-based-Battles?

Really guys , I’ve been wanting this in years , this is finally coming true.
I get the feeling that finally Microsoft found out the TRUE potential of Gears , and it is simply pushing further , as it should be. Look , there’s also a couple of things I personally feel really important.

TC , just make sure not to do the same mistake 343 made on Halo 5.
The campaign mode was HELL OF SHORT!
I nearly started enjoying it , the credits hit me in the face!
Also … really , get rid of that Gear Pack crap , please … everyone is asking it.
(Gear customization pls)

I simply have no clue about what Gears Pop is , so … I’ll just leave it to somebody else.
SO! Here I am , waiting to slaughter things , find out the truth , and win the war once more.

Guys , I just can’t see all of this hate about TC , they’re doing the best for us , and will keep doing so , many other teams just don’t. Just don’t hurry your judgement (LOL seriously?) , wait until the game is out , and give these guys a chance!

The only sad thing about this E3 was … well , no sign of Gears 2 Remaster.
I mean , Gears 2 was the best Gear game … yep , sorry guys , truth hurts.
I never grinded anything that hard. No game gave me emotion like that THING.

So , TC , you have my respect.
The E3 game some serious Gears vibes , I just stopped listening right after , I was too excited.

Go ahead , spill their blood and make us proud!

Terry Sander
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Regarding GOW Tactics, yes definitely. The concept seems like a sound fit. I’m a big XCOM fan and absolutely loved the recent incarnations. It’ll be aimed at a smaller group of fans as it’s a niche genre of course, but may grab some newer fans.

For the uninitiated XCOM is a class and squad based isometric turn based strategy game. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you even remotely like strategy then Tactics will be pretty promising.

Yea I thought it was a great showing for gears.

Gears 3 campaign was better though. That moment with Dom was so emotionally after playing with him for many years

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for Gears of War 5 and Tactics, but I do have my concerns. Although I understand placing the focus on Kait is fitting for finding out about her background, I am worried about leaving JD out while opting to keep Del in. Especially with how badass JD looked in the trailer! Adam Fenix resemblance anyone?

Ultimately, I’ll only play the campaign a couple times so as long as it’s compelling I’ll personally be fine. Multiplayer is where the longevity lies. The items below definitely need addressed:

Better Multiplayer Maps:
The whole 24 maps over a year was a fiasco. Plan the extend the game over the course of two years and actually plan out the maps. Possibly a few less retouched maps, but definitely carry over some of the more popular ones. Possibly have altering weather/time of day for each map so each carries much more life. Finally, don’t retouch launch maps and have the nerve to call them new. That won’t go over well.

Better Matchmaking:
The worst things are done with the best intentions. The servers are atrocious most of the time and you are frequently matched against those outside your given region. I know this is in part due to the decreasing playerbase, but that’s just one of many compounding issues. Ranking was an awesome part, but the system needs to place more priority on finding smooth connections over equal or greater competition. There is a happy medium and right now we are balanced on the wrong side.

Gear Packs:
First off, I get it. Software prices have remained stagnant for several years while developing a game and supporting it after launch has own gotten more expensive. Gear Packs to some degree are a necessary evil, but I want to see less reliance on them. Towards the end of support for Gears 4 the formula has gotten tolerable, but I still want to see more character unlocked through progression. Perhaps characters within this iteration can be progression unlocked and legacy characters be Gear Packs. I also want to see more characters and less variants of the same characters. Obviously one is easier, but there is a whole slew of characters that never came back for Gears of War 4. Finally, don’t keep our favorite legacy characters out of the game for an entire year.

PC/Xbox Crossplay:
Although this function helped breath some life into both versions, I believe that full integration needs to occur. Rather than give the option to not matchmake with PC players, make the use of a controller required any crossplay matchmaking. Although there is a higher framerate, I feel the main concerns are more aimed at mouse/keyboard and hacking.

I’ve got high hopes for this game and really hope The Coalition puts a little more into it than Gears 4. There were a lot of obvious shortcuts that should never have been taken. Good luck TC, hopefully you read this summary and take it to heart.

Hey , thanks for replying!
First of all , I can clearly remember many people arguing about JD , some said he was terrible , some said he was too immature (I agree with this one , 4’ JD was a boy … But the new one looks SICK!) , some even said they wanted Kait as main protagonist , I guess they got what they wanted! I seriously hope TC is putting a split campaign , I mean , we all want our Cole Train dose , or Hoffman’s old man cringe (lol).

I also want this because I want more characters into It! Remember Gears 3? It was a blast in the end when the whole Delta reunited! How about Dizzy’s part?
What’s up with Anya? So much to explain!
They MUST get an Epic campaign!

Speaking about the MP , I do agree with you about it , It grants the game’s longevity , but I must disagree about the maps. Yeah , some of them were the same , and THAT is so lazy and unnecessary! But at the same time I found some of the best maps in the whole saga! Just to name some : I ADORED Spayer , Glory , Forge , DINER! Maybe they’re similar to each other , but they’re a Marvel to play into!

Matchmaking was a joke , absolutly agree. Took hours to find a match , and then I got THE GOW BEAST on the opposite team.

‘I also want to see more characters and less variants of the same characters.’
Man , Gear Packs are CRAP , like EVERY pack based unlocking sistem in any game.
You have to grind like a beast , and then the pack spits in yo face giving sh!tty common skins for weapons you NEVER use , and this counts for EVERY game since Mass Effect 3.
I love you guys , but listen up for a sec!
You want to get easy money?
Take Titanfall’s example!
A huge bundle with lots of ACTUAL CAMOS (not pinky neon SH##!) , for a fair price. People LOVED that , those packs sold A LOT!

Back to the topic , PC/Xbox crossplay would be a nice idea if every single PC Player I met wasn’t an aimbotted insane Beast.

So , thanks for the reply , and
See ya in the battlefield!

Terry Sander

PS. ADAM FENIX THE BADASS , loved his skin on GoW3!