Nice gearsmas horde... error error

great event boys. great testing.


Yep, same sh.t here.

Not just me then. Not really a testing issue though, seems the servers decided to die again.

Everytime they tinker with the game, the servers always seem to die on us. Smh…

there is barely a community on this game and they cant hold the servers up lol. One of the smallest fan bases.

In their defense the servers are microsoft’s but this really should not happen so often.

I had an update that took 3 to 5 minutes to download. They are running behind again. The update should of came out at 10 am on the west coast. I’m just now getting this error message as well. It’s pretty annoying. Trying to go for the red Speaker Scion guy, and almost there.

same cant find any thing errors everywhere

How far are you? I’m colonel 1 atm, without paying for rerolls.

im the same I think

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Same here

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I’m at Major 3. Just 1 game away from being a Lieutenant Colonel 1. Hopeing to get 1 more game in before work but may not happen with the servers down.

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At least the store is working as intended

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Nice, and yeah, it sucks. I was peacefully grinding the ToD and now this. TC needs to get their sh.t together when releasing the TUs or making other sorts of changes to the game.

Custom games appear to work at least for Escape. Just did one.

True I think they are doing a full system reboot to have everyone update the game to the latest version. They are definitely aware of the error. They are definitely working on it as we speak.

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It doesn’t work for me. As soon as I click horde or Escape, I get the error. And as soon as I click a versus mode, same thing happens. But the store works fine though, ready to take my money.

Yup error here too… You’re doing a great job TC!

Welp, seems to be working now. For me at least. Restart your game y’all and give it a shot.

EDIT: just got into a FFA match on one of the new maps. Should work now.

Or just in general. Look how broken custom lobbies are. At any rate I agree, for a franchise this big and this far in it’s a pathetic display. Guess I’ll stick to grinding stuff in customs until they decide to fix the servers.

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