NG+ officially broken

With NG+ and carrying over the upgrades for Jack breaks your game in terms of side quests.

You can not complete the Condor crash sites that require you to “search for supplies” as the safe will be empty and it will not trigger the obj complete. Some instances not letting you climb back on your skiff until you reload the checkpoint.

You can not obtain the final piece of the grindlift for the Hollow Storm side quest. Well you can it just does nothing and won’t let you exit the area. (No prompt to climb ledge)

And I can not finish the side quest involving Lena and her podded friend…

With NG+ Do NOT I repeat do NOT carry over Jack’s abilities as they obviously haven’t implemented the changes throughout the campaign, merely hoped it would work once live. Made sure Batista was animated/voiced properly but not the actual features of the NG+.

TC and their priorities strike again lol I’m finding it increasingly hard to find any form of Joy in this game now. Im hitting wall after wall!!

Matchmaking is a shambles so I thought I’d stick to campaign… apparently that’s an utter mess too… what is this!?

Yes I could just load the chapter on a fresh playthrough but that defeats the point!!

You can bring up your concerns and be constructive without being aggressive and insulting.