NG+ Condor crash sites

I don’t know if this has been asked/answered already but I played gears 5 at launch. For reasons we on here are all familiar with, I stopped.

Having recently returned, mainly for the campaign as I hold zero hope for their matchmaking anymore. But I dived in with NG+…why not, its there after all. But I can not clear the Condor site missions. I know I already have the jack upgrades due to NG+ but I’ve collected everything that is available and opened the empty safe but I can’t complete the objective.

I have restarted the chapter twice. Is this a given due to me having the upgrade and not picking it up?? As that seems like a gross oversight in my mind.

What does the objective say? Clear out enemies or something?

It says “search for supplies” I’ve cleared it out, gathered 1 component that was available and opened the safe which was empty due to NG+. There are NO supplies for me to collect…

Hm, don’t have a solution then. Do you have all of Jacks abilites available? I know there used to be an issue where the last enemy wouldn’t spawn or was stuck somewhere. Try pulsing the area a few times and if no ones left, try leaving the area again.

I’ve pushed on for now, I’ll call back to the site and have another nosey about. But I’ve cleared it out and searched it 3 times now -.-

I think it’s the NG+, as I don’t actually pick anything up from the safe its no registering me as collecting the supplies :confused: major design oversight if that’s what’s causing it though. Expect nothing less from TC aha

Thanks tho buddy!

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