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I’d imagine any team that housed a Manning would want another one. Indy does seem good.

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Biased answer? Mac Jones

Realistic answer? Trevor.


Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville has alot of money and have good draft picks. So they are chilling.

Plus the south isnt that competitive. Sure Indy has Ryan and Titans are #1 but I can see them going like 6-11, which is definitely an improvement.


there was a Pats fan in front of me today at McDonalds

Awee was he nice to you?

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ummmm no I had to pay for my own food lol

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You didn’t offer to pay for his food?

ummmm he/she was in front of me… hmmm let me pay for the food to the person who just drove off

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I would :sunglasses:

But hey maybe I’m just kinder.

tell me how

Tell you how what?

I can only pay for the cars behind me

Well that’s where me and you differ my friend.


How funny :joy:

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Judons the next GM :triumph:

It’s schedule releasing day in the NFL and still NO messages from @grey_mineman .

You havent responded to me in weeks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why do I always gotta respond to you first? :joy:

I’m not sure why i didn’t respond

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It’s all good lol

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