NFL discussions and such

Might as well make an official post for stuff like this so it doesnt derail other threads lol.

Thank you

Although off-topic was already a thing that is perfect for this.

“I’m not doing this for you”

Well true. I didnt consider that until you mentioned it.

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I figured there was enough “Anti-NFL” talk in the unpopular opinions post so I didn’t want to add to it.

Appreciate you Koty. Always looking after me :sunglasses:

I guess that’s what you could call it lol

Dont make me not like you.

Now I can use this thread to talk about everything but the NFL :slight_smile:


Didnt ask+ dont care+ Brady is back in the NFL+ we resigned Slater& McCourty+ Patsnation.



Ugh Cry baby brady never left it was all for attention.

You’re the one crying :joy:

Hes not even on the pats and hes living rent free in your head buddy :wink:

Im not crying I don’t care about him… I’m glad he’s moved on from the afc east and now in the NFC

Thankfully Wilson got out in time :joy:.

Poor NFC South.

I’m actually glad JC is gone, dude couldnt even guard Diggs. Hes good for mediocre teams like the Chargers :grin:

You’re feelings on this?

I’m glad.

He cant even guard Diggs. Why should we keep him?

Plus Bill seems good at securing CBs. Weve had tons of studs in the past, we will be fine. I think Jalen Mills used to play CB but hes playing safety atm.

Now hes gonna screw up guarding Hill and Jeudy :rofl:

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I mean hace you seen Diggs. Last season he always had at least 2 people on him

Still, JC is good and all but he cant guard like Ramsey. Hes perfect for a team like the Chargers. We’ll still whoop them regardless :joy:

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Watsons going to the Browns…