Nexus Siege Boss Feedback

Hello everyone, this topic will be going over possible improvements that can be made to the bosses in Nexus Siege. I ask that everyone who wants to post their ideas be constructive and detailed in their posts. First off I would like to go over two bosses that I could see getting the most improvements. These bosses being General Raam and Ketor Skorge. General raam was very cool to look at but he lacked any real sense of being a threat. He was slow and would be often stunned to the point that he was useless. He would often be frozen solid and killed within 3 minutes too. I think to improve Raam would be to make his movement more aggressive and sped up. He needs to be more than a mulcher scion reskin. He needs to be quick, aggressive, and ruthless. Maybe have raam sprint with the mulchers instead of casually walking. Also have him spray it while he’s sprinting too. Another improvement would be to make raam freeze prove and flashbang prove since I found people exploiting this quite a lot. Also maybe give raam a kryll shield which when damaged enough it would disappear but then reappear after a certain amount of time similar to a guardian shield. One last thing for raam, maybe after a certain amount of damage he would drop the mulcher and pull out his big knife and run at players one hit down people.
Skorge improvements would be similar to raam . He needs to be quicker more reactive to players and dodge more. maybe give him the ability to throw smoke grenades that are black and green smoke. He would then charge through the smoke killing all inside. the smoke would damage players overtime but not too harshly. Also another improvement would be to give Skorge is kantus yell which would stun close players and revive downed drones. These are all the improvements that I thought could be possibly implemented. @TC_MichaelAOS


Such as paragraphs?


The bosses are bad yes but understand that they were probably not given anywhere near the amount of time/resources in order for them to be something special. Honestly only 2 that are worth anything are Jermad/Skorge in my opinion just because of how they function.


I think the PvE lead had to work with what existed and essentially by himself so adding Kryll or a custom knife melee or that kind of thing wasn’t/isn’t feasible.

There IS a custom knife execution (Gutted? I don’t remember) that is RAAM-like in which the DBNO character is picked up by the neck and stabbed. Maybe something like that could be added as his execution of choice. It would be pretty amazing to see him do so.

Adding the Kantus scream to Skorge is an awesome idea, even if it’s just for flavor. Stunning players or acting as a visual/audio cue before he charges would be killer, but again, probably not feasible.


For some reason I imagined the Raam would be like in gears Pop. Calling kryll to do damage to players health or something similar. Not using mulcher.

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I’ll assume they didn’t have the time to code/Animate etc. new attacks in.

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With any luck all the stuff from the Nexus Siege event will come over to Gears 6 where they can work on it some more and add those much needed changes.

To add to this when he goes into that phase he could also point at an individual like a mark and Kryll would attack them for a set amount of time, just like what Raam could do in the Raam’s Shadow DLC in Gears 3.

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Well if you played DLC they pretty much revealed they’re going to have Locust in Gears 6, now the variety or what specific ones we’ll see is the question but I would be shocked if we don’t see Locust at GOW6 launch.

RAAM is about 90% doable with vanilla resources. The main ‘resource’ here is the flock animations/model. Essentially, they would remove the flock model itself from the animation, replace it with the Kryll seen on Nexus, and do some elaborate coding to make it function properly.

To be more specific RAAM would indicate what specific Kryll attack he’s going to use with expressions (the very same ones that we the players use) so if he points his finger at somebody (like you were saying) the Kryll do that slow Flock lunge animation (the one where they turn red) and the other one would be something like if he gets low enough health he sends the Kryll close to him for defense (they essentially do flocknado animation but now it’ll be Kryllnado)

The real issue with going this route as I see it isn’t necessarily the time investment required to make it feel appropriate or polished, its that if they were to go this route it means that a more fledged out version is unlikely to ever be done so more interesting possibilities are unlikely to be tapped upon in GOW6. Although the Kryll may very well be possible of doing everything the Flock do (I’m no Swarm biologist lol) I do think that they’d rather they have completely seperate animations to make each feel more distinct.

Summary: RAAM with Kryll is definitely doable, but its tricky and has consequences later down the line.

Edit: just as an example of what I mean by consequences, we won’t see Kryll die and fall to the ground or anything, and its likely they wouldn’t later on either.

I enjoyed hearing Michael Shannon discuss Nexus Siege bosses and Locust while he was playing the event during the recent livestream.

He probably could have pushed the limit of what was available to him and added stuff like Boomers but explained his desire to do things right. It would have been feasible to add a Boomer skin to Scion units but they’d look, move, and feel wrong. Similarly, we probably could have seen a passable Krill function associated with RAAM by recoloring and resizing the Flock - but again it wouldn’t look right.

If he remains the PvE lead (which he initially wasn’t for Gears 5) we may very well see fleshed-out and unique Locust bosses that expand upon what we’ve seen in siege. Along with stuff like Maulers, etc. (I love the idea of human-sized bosses AND the large variety we’re used to seeing in normal Horde.)

He didn’t make any promises but you can tell the dude is invested.