Nexus Seige... enemies causing havoc footage

This mode has been a breath of fresh air. Intense battles, while having fun doing it. You just can’t get this footage made up! What’s the odds, I’ll say.


I want fortifications, pick my mutators, the map, and just overall have my own custom badass horde experience.

This mode is very nice and feels a bit too chaotic at times, but overall it’s decent.


I was pretty disappointed seeing RAAM downsize then perform the mulcher execution tbh, couldn’t he just use the scion execution considering he’s pretty much a tanky mulcher scion? Uses the same AI and everything :man_shrugging:


Was doing a pub and got to RAAM but everyone rage quit after a wipe
Me as a Lv15 Kait and someone else as a Lv9 Cole made it all the way to Wave 10 as a duo
extremely fun but we couldn’t clear. Not sure if my cards are too low but the Wave 10 Palace Guards kill my Stim WAY to quick.

Imagine if he used his RAAM’s Shadow execution? That would be epic.

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That would be sick, but they’d have to make it from scratch, considering he uses scion AI and animations they should give him the scion head crush execution, just the skin change alone will have a different effect, it’ll look sick

Pretty sure you want your stim to be maxed both for the extra capacity and resistance before you go charging down enemies like Rambo. And make sure they don’t melee(or chainsaw) you.

Has anyone noticed that you can down a boss in Nexus Siege with a flash grenade and then just execute them?

I did it by accident last night against Myrrah. The public team I was with decided to stay in spawn, and on wave 10 we were pushed back hard. So I threw a flash grenade to stop Myrrah and a couple Therons and revive some people. While she was flashed, I went up to melee just to see if it would work, but while the execution kill didn’t trigger, I did tag her with the flash that was already out. It downed her from near full health, then I just hit B again, kicked her, and she was dead.

Flash grenades may be overpowered for this mode lol.

Smokes should work too when tagging.

Resistance is maxed but Capacity is only at 4
I noticed I have to be less rambo later waves though
still having fun with it

Having the extra stim is certainly still going to help so I would personally use the coins to level that up as well. If you have them and are willing, that is. Naturally, you’ll have to be more careful on later waves but using covers for an approach is sure going to make a big difference to getting to the enemy with your stim intact or not. Mostly, anyway. Timing it to wait for a reload or the enemy to duck back into cover, or between bursts, also is a thing to be considered.

It doesn’t matter what level your Stim Batteries is at - the way Reaper functions, it gives you 50%(if maxed) of your max stim capacity per kill, meaning you only need to take out two enemies to be at max even at level 6. Great for farming it off of Leeches, Trackers or Juvies. Hence why I’d recommend also getting it maxed.

Just played my 1st game of it and had to stop and watch in awe, while chuckling, when I saw a Lambent and a Locust meleeing eachother lmao

That’s such a nice touch that they fight eachother.

It looked so bizarre lmao. Even if he just did a curbstomp like Skorge, it would’ve been fine. But, I guess they decided that one was fine. It’s so weird though lol.

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Considering in RAAM’s Shadow, he can curbstomp when you use him, it is strange.