Next Trailer Needs to Be Cinematic like in Years Past

I liked the first trailer. No complaints, but Gears has always crushed it with cinematic trailers with great scores. I know you all know the classic trailers I’m referring to. I hope the next trailer is like that. I like getting emotional with my Gears trailers.

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i agree i was expecting cinematic trailer… but with the trailer did was (to me was clear as day) to show off that they listened.

they showed new areas, more badass and quality characters, new weapons, new enemies.

to me it was like " look were listening please dont hate us"

gears 5 trailer made me feel more comfortable i was like “ok i see what you guys are doing…”

now with a cinematic trailer its really gonna hit the nail on the head im sure… they wanted to see how people would react to it. rather than show a teaser than when gameplay comes out its not too late to fix certain things.

Yeah, believe the big CGI-trailer always comes second anyways. G4 got us hyped with that storm, JD and Kait, and the Pouncer. Then we got the traditional cinematic of JD running through the woods.

I want another trailer like “Dust to Dust”…my favorite. It’s a great recap in a minute and a half.

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I felt like the current trailers were more about indulging storyline speculation and didn’t quite grab people as a cinematic short. Would probably be wise to create one as people who don’t follow the franchise aren’t going to be interested in what we’ve been shown so far (a lot of hardcore Gears fans already don’t care about these characters) and they need a reason to be interested in the game. I really want #5 to be bigger than 4. Time for Gears to be a top title again.