Next ''Locust'' character I want in Gears 4

In regards to non-playable Locust since Gears 1 being incorporated NOW, we’ve gotten the Palace Guard and Armored Kantus. Both are amazing characters no doubt, however, there’s always been a Locust that has been scarcely seen. And that, is the Bolter.

One of THE best designs for a Locust character, imo. The helmet is, one of the better looking ones in all of Gears.


Golden Hunter next please.


I like how he has two shoulder pads/plates.
I would be up for seeing Bolter, Grappler, Troika Gunner, Cyclops.

You know what’s better than two solider pads?

One cool looking golden shoulder pad :+1:

That’s an arm pad, or arm band.

While I understand your point and now realise that -
I must say, it does somewhat cover a portion of the shoulder :see_no_evil::eyes:

I’m surprised they haven’t made a Judgement themed pack with Paduk and Karn especially since Karn has never been playable.

Golden miner…i cannot request him enough. I miss em

I don’t understand why they don’t call him, the Golden Rhino.
Besides, Gold is overrated.

Simplicity is what makes him so special - the grenadier is in of my favourite and the arm pad + helmet just make him look Awsome, at least to me anyway, I only played with him on Gears 3.,

It’s less so the Gold but more the design - I would of course want a Black Steel version anyway :+1:

I want him back.

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Yep! I was so disappointed when the Savage Theron wasn’t part of the Savage Drones pack :cry:

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I always wanted to play as the helmetless Theron from Gears 1 (the one at the very end cutscene riding the reaver).

Well, that would actually be a first for that character?

Hopefully for Gears 5!

Also, out the Hydra and Tempest in Horde!