Next gow4 Gear Pack Speculation Lambent Gear pack?

If you haven’t seen today’s what’s up then check it out before viewing this post.

Anyways in the what’s up it revealed that after the raam packs’ release in August, we’ll be receiving a “never before seen gear pack in Gears 4”(probably not the exact quote but something of that manner) and they hinted at what it’ll be by saying they pack would be “glowie” now where have we gears 3 veterans heard that quote before? Of that’s right gears 3. This is what the lambdnt were referred to by the cog and characters such as the OG’s Marcus, Dom, Cole, and Baird among others.

I myself am 100% sure We’ll FINALLY be getting a Lambent pack folks! What do you all think?

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Black Steel Lambent Locust

Instead of Red Lights they should have the “Sundered” look :open_mouth:


You’ll buy 20 packs lmao

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It’s best TC don’t because I’d have to buy as many as takes to get the skins :sob:

Everyone forgot something…

Buffed up swarm which is already in the game has orange glowy effect.

But in this case, its likely lambent.


It’s gonna be one of those bs miscommunication sob crap. “sorry for any miscommunication” like what they did with the ncog prices

pretty sure that just means characters that arent playable in gears 4 rather than the entire series, i personally dont think it’ll be lambent because they’ll suffer from the color blast dilemma of being spotted too easily if i were to hazard a guess i’d say it’s either onyx guards or jace since rise of raam is a swarm oriented pack a COG would follow after most likely but may be the golden hunter as well

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There’s an image doing the rounds on social media claiming to be a real leaked image of a Lambent Grenadier Elite. It looks more convincing than the Black Steel Theron images (which looked super amateur and fake). This one looks a bit more real. The image also came about before the official announcement of a “glowie” Gear Pack. Seems a bit too coincidental!

Golden Hunter :raised_hands:

dont forget how real the halo leaks were as well, people can do some convincing leaks

True. Black Steel Marcus and Kantus skins was leaked but turned out to be real though. Granted it’s hard to know, but you never know and the description from TC seemed to point at Lambent characters. We’ve never had Lambent characters in multiplayer either, and to be fair on TC they’ve done alright with making some campaign characters available in multiplayer like the Armored Kantus or the Palace Guard).

Lambent drone and sniper i imagine. No golden miner…

Those are skins I’d actually pay money for.

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Yeah, I was disappointed they were apparently fake.

it became obvious it was fake after another “leak” was released 2 days later since if they were that deep into data mining to get info on one pack why would they not just leak them both at once?

I think it would be cool to some more of the Microsoft characters available. But I’d Def pay to get MasterChief. Would also be killer if they could setup Bj blazokowitz and Doom Guy lmao but I know those are Bethesda’s characters.

I know Quake introduced a lot of characters from other franchises and even other brands. I know it was rumors for Marcus to make an appearance in Quake Champions.