NEXT Gears JD or Del? Who's gonna be in it?

Whose gonna be in the Next Gears I’m thinking JD seeing how he was the main character of 4 and just more important not to mention how much sadder it is when you choose the save Del. Marcus all alone no wife no best friend no son that’s just not right. Did you see that look on Marcus face when he finds out the bad news
broke my heart.

I think man that Marcus its going to be the lead on the next Gears of War.

He has lost JD and now he wants revenge like RAMBO 3.

Hopefully JD because it makes sense.

But I don’t think TC should be doing branching storylines for a game like this. If your game isnt an RPG, all you’re going to do is dilute your story.


I had this question too…
I have played other games where story line choices are involved and in those games they have chapter summaries showing the real time percentage of other players that made the same choices as you.
It would be interesting to see peoples first run choice.

I wonder if that is something they have access to. If they do, I wonder how correct that information would be with all the campaign disconnects and replaying chapters that everyone had to do. I know the first thing I did after completing campaign was go back and make the opposite choice to see the difference.

To save canon, they could choose to have neither in the next game.

TC might not be making Gears 6 at this rate


Would’ve been better to see a “Road to Ruin” esc deleted scene where JD dies and that confirms one of them as “Non cannon.”


Basically whoever dies simply gets a zombie reskin in 6


No joke. I believe we will play as marcus. As for the dumb decision we had to make in gears 5 that doesn’t fit in this franchise whatsoever, I believe we will choose at the beginning of gears 6. Seriously tho…that decision ruined the whole campaign for me.not because it was sad, but because it was stupid. The whole franchise is based off of lore written around these bands of people and follows them. It doesn’t work in gears at all. Also feels like they couldn’t stand firm on making a decision. They’re supposed to be writing this stuff. Not us.

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I’d assume The Coalition will declare one choice the canonical one and discard the other.

Maybe they retcon the whole thing, Kait was having a bad dream influenced by Swarm hive mind powers and then you replay the final boss at the start of 6.

Yea or just DLC where u play JD and Fhaz and they get character and we see Fhaz go from the a-hole to an ok guy and JD go from dark and brooding to reconciled.



Marcus has lost Carlos, Adam, Dom Anya and his effing tomatoes. If he were to lose JD as well, the opening cutscene of Gears6 will be of Marcus tying a rope around his neck…


LOL Marcus ROPE round his neck your funny thanks for commenting everyone! Read them all love your comments and Yo one of the comments made me realize cause she said zombie skins lol I was so confused in gears 4 why JD and Del had zombie skins and Oscar (cause he survived at the end of 4) but every other zombie skin matched up with people who had already died except Del and JD! (TAI isn’t there cause… he’d be headless lol) Did they plan this all along DUDE IT WAS MY FAVORITE GEARS CAMPAIGN until the choice between Del and JD SUPER WEAK just kill one and make is deal with it!!! ITS GEARS someone’s gotta die I was super impressed with the open maps and this new feel to gears where you weren’t limited to a direct story that moves you along like in all gears storylines. In act 2 and 3 you have some serious breathing room to just roam around something completely different you able to decide at that point is dope but like one comment said above to choose in a story clip let alone the death of a new iconic gears character or TWO CRAZY and stupid but overall thought the campaign was dope and with all the new jack stuff even better

At the rate people are asking for non-universe characters to be added who knows, Sponge Bob Square Pants might be the lead in 6.

Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.

It could go to a vote the way Epic let us decide the fate of Carmine in Gears 3.

Nah, if TC has invested this much time already to make Kait the lead, they won’t push her to the side. But, perhaps have Marcus and Kait team up to take on the boss? That would be more ideal. Have them go through the whole campaign how Kait and Del basically did.

I suppose they could make the whole 3rd and 4th Acts a bad dream and say Kait is still in the machine.

IMO JD is either going to be the one saved or the swarm is going to resurrect/infest him like the Zerg do in Star craft and use his knowledge against the CoG.

Personally I think JD is a better character because he’s he son of a hero so he has more back story than Del. He’s made mistakes, some very big, accepts what he’s done and tries to make amends.

Del we know nothing about him. I haven’t read any of the books after gears 3 but I don’t know who Del’s family is, how him and JD met, or anything about him outside the 2 games.

Some simple forum etiquette would be to not list a major story spoiler in the topic subject and to clearly state that the thread will contain spoilers. Please don’t assume that every other player has completed the story. Especially for this game, I’m sure there’s plenty out there who are waiting for some of the campaign bugs to be worked out before finishing it.

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