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Well, its good dad-in-training. I swear i’ve got this whole parenting thing down. Now all I need is a kid😂
Seriously though man, I’m really happy for you. Did you name the baby Marcus or Myrrah? (depending on gender)

(HayMaker304) #602

Lol. I know this is going to sound harsh

But coming from a sleep deprived dad

Be an ■■■-hole lol

Make them sleep in their own bed

Let them cry - it won’t hurt them at all

If mom can’t handle it - mom can move into baby’s room.

Trust me. Both of your lives will be much much better off in the end lol

Oh and Congrats!!!

(Potato Boy 025) #603

I’ll set an alarm this time

(jvergoth) #604

I have two and it is awesome having family Gears sessions. Just wait. Hard at first but it pays off. My wife and kids are better than me, :joy::rofl: And congrats,btw.:grinning:

(S IK O IR G E) #605

I’m going to be playing at 0 sensitivity so tbagging me will automatically make you the lesser person.

(Duffman GB) #606

If i join in some ground rules please.

I’m one of the older gents on the forum, so DEMAND respect, you young pups!
With that in mind…

NO Tbagging me
NO nonoing me
NO dryhumping me
As all of the above are just not Cricket.

Above all it would be rather helpful if upon meeting me on the battlefield you stop dead in your tracks, lower your Gnasher, stay still and let me Chainsaw you.

That would be most wonderful of you.

DO we have a deal…lads :wink:

(III EnVii III) #607

I promise:

(Duffman GB) #608

Looks very colourful, which I assume = Great :+1:

My last pc was a C64 :wink:

(III EnVii III) #609

Yeah, I wanted to go all out on the RGB as it’s grown on me from the builds I’ve seen,


I will go boring and keep it Black with Red Lighting in the end :sweat_smile:

And damn, that is a long time ago then for you!

(GB6 Kazuya) #610

Ha! Trust me the thought was there to call her Myrrah but unfortunately the missus doesn’t share the shame enthusiasm for Gears :joy:

Now that I can do. Good advice :joy:

I hope so!

Didn’t meant to hijack this topic, cheers guys :+1:


Newborn babies have permission to derail threads

(Laaaaaancer) #612

Sounds like fun. If there’s any room, I’d be up for playing.


Oh haha! Sorry, forgot about you. Meant to get some games in with you a couple months back

(Laaaaaancer) #614

Lol oh yeah! Forgot about too, so no worries.

Offer is still open, though lol.

What do you usually play?


Pretty much just Koth now. Used to play TDM and 2v2, but I got bored of those.
I don’t enjoy Comp playlists

(Laaaaaancer) #616

Nice, KOTH is pretty much all I’ve been playing lately as well. Are you gotta be on anytime in the next week? When do you usually play? I’ll add you later today.

I feel the same about Comp. I like the gnasher being less strong from a distance, but the weak lancer is just so bad…and considering it’s my favorite weapon, that’s a little bit a dealbreaker :yum:


I’ve been busy lately. I got on for the first time in over a week last night. But I might be on tonight.
I’m usually on Friday nights 7-12pm EST. So yeah add me as a friend and hopefully we can get some games in. I’m tired of playing solo.

And yeah, I don’t get the nerfed Lancer. Just doesn’t make sense.


Oh and I had some epic games with @ll_R_E_D_l and @Ctoriez last night. Really look forward to seeing you both in this event.

@OneShotShelly I sent you an invite last night, but it seems that you already were playing ranked with a squad :joy:

(Laaaaaancer) #619

Sounds good! Will do.


@Slipping_Flames @GearsCharacters @TalkenDeadPool
Y’all coming?