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[NEXT EVENT: *TODAY* 26th May - Times 9pm BST] Forum Members Community Night Private Event Matches - Everyone Welcome!


So for me I could probably be on around 3-4pm EST. That weekend is a little far out, so I’m not 100% positive. But I hopefully can make it in the time-slot.


Oh @V7K1NG you coming? I sent you an invite last time but I never heard back from you

(jvergoth) #563

Working those days. Best I could do is around 9pm EST. Understand if that is a bit late.


Yeah. Probably will be too late for our EU friends.
Maybe the US members will have a late night tournament or something.

(jvergoth) #565

That’s ok. What can you do? Kiddos like to eat.


Oh, add me as a friend. I tried awhile ago, but I couldn’t find your GT

(jvergoth) #567

Will do.:blush:

(III EnVii III) #568


I was thinking 8pm BST which I believe is +4 or +5 from Eastern (so would be 4pm Eastern)

Latest I would want to start would be 9pm for the full 5 matches.

If we start 10pm BST then would be cut down to 3 matches.

So right now it’s looking like 9pm BST - hopefully gives everyone a chance.

(S IK O IR G E) #569

In my experience, the first game back you feel like a god and everything you’re doing is at 11 on the dial. Then over the course of the session that day, you realize why you stopped playing the damn game in the first place.

(III EnVii III) #570

Absolutely :+1:

(TACO MALL) #571

So that would be 1pm pst. For us west coasters.

(III EnVii III) #572

Sounds good, perfect way to start and afternoon :raised_hands:


Ok so who is everyone looking forward to Tbagging?

(III EnVii III) #574

Yeah, no need to be shy everyone!


Definitely looking forward to bagging you and @Bleeding_Pepper, as well @UniversalTuning, even though all of you are undoubtedly better players than me. Hopefully I can sneak up from behind or something…

Oh, and @Krylon_Blue, if he joins. That snobby kid, always flaunting his stupid Diamond skins…
I really despise that guy…


Oh @J4CKA1 you coming? Or you just gonna get playing The Division 2? :joy:

(Krylon Blue) #577

I won’t be joining.

Sorry for using my Diamond skins. Amazing that someone who earns something would use said thing. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh drat…

(Krylon Blue) #579

I just don’t have the time to join these matches anymore. I don’t even know when I’m available to play anything at this point. You probably notice I barely sign on now a days.


Well, I haven’t been on in over a week myself