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[NEXT EVENT: *TODAY* 26th May - Times 9pm BST] Forum Members Community Night Private Event Matches - Everyone Welcome!

(Krylon Blue) #481

Easy peezy.

(Krylon Blue) #482

The games I get into with @Metal_Gear_Mo @AliceInChainsaw and @Al_Bundy_33hero are sweatier than a WWE wrestler.

It’s pretty fun though. Every encounter matters.

(III EnVii III) #483

I can’t fathom how someone gets and stays in Bronze Ranking :joy:

(Krylon Blue) #484

Very carefully.

(III EnVii III) #485

I see :eyes:

(HayMaker304) #486


I don’t play ranked much at all

Play a match here and there that’s about it

And I play like a moron too lol. Run head first into gnasher fights lol


Truth is that I do the same thing. Except I make it look cool with wallbouncing :rofl:

(HayMaker304) #488

Lol I’m not much of wall bouncer

But that’s just how I fight lol arms down chin up lol

(III EnVii III) #489

Sounds effective :+1:

(HayMaker304) #490

Lmfao If you like having your head turned into a canoe

(III EnVii III) #491

Sounds like the dream :+1:

(Fatalist Flames) #492

Hey, that’s my technique :laughing:

(TGLT Clutch) #493

should we have another event anytime soon again?


I’m up for it


We have a date yet?

(III EnVii III) #496

If all goes well,

I’m thinking 25th and 26th of May, which is just over two weekends away.

I will confirm as soon as I get my PC so I can say for definite, hopefully in the next week or within the next 10 days.



Ok great!
Can we invite Rundan?

(III EnVii III) #498


I was thinking of doing the FFA lobby to get everyone in and warmed up.

Then doing EU v US.

It’s only fair because then,

We can do 2 matches on EU servers and 2 on US East Servers.

Then, whichever team has won the most rounds over the 4 games can host the final 5th game :grimacing:


Awesome! I look forward to it.

I expect to see you there @T0NY_HAYABUSA

(III EnVii III) #500

I want to see as many people as possible - doing it over two days means effectively allowing as many people as possible to join in, on a first come basis.





Would be a solid EU All Star Forum Team.

Vs. Of course some amazing US players,

But I would like to play with and against as many Forum Members as possible.

I’m can’t name everyone as there are so many.

I want to get:






Amongst others in too that I missed out last time.

So many players!