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[NEXT EVENT: *TODAY* 26th May - Times 9pm BST] Forum Members Community Night Private Event Matches - Everyone Welcome!

(III EnVii III) #461

Again, according to TC your all good :+1:

What time Zone are you?

Any earlier and the US players can’t get on :see_no_evil:

(TGLT Clutch) #462

I meant the event could start earlier but keep on going you know?

(HayMaker304) #463

Naw man im a heavy player.

I like lancer fire and heavy weapons. It’s just my style. The snowball fight event was easy for me other than you had to directly hit them without splash damage.

Tb tag wasn’t that bad but getting the headshots was a pain in the ■■■ because you had to have an active.

I’m not very good with a longshot period. Even in horde and campaign.

Do better with an embar and markza than the longshot

(ReaganSmash1985) #464

Lmfao that’s awesome @HayMaker304. I am worse with the long shot then I am with the torque bow and you’ve seen my lack of skills with the torque bow lol.

70 kills is phenomenal @DAVID_THE_CLOWN! Your a lot better then you give yourself credit for.

@Krylon_Blue of course the match you got 121 kills in someone else would get 122 and crap all over your parade, lol its only fitting. That’s just crazy though. I’ll get there someday when they put me in a game with some kids that are between 3 and 5 years old.


Hahaha! Thanks man.
I am honestly a mediocre player. My aim is oftentimes very off lol

(Krylon Blue) #466

Didn’t crap on my parade. Lol, my team wasn’t as good as his but both teams were bad.

I played him again and ran all over him so there’s that. :smiley:

(HayMaker304) #467

Lmao yea we tried to cheese it too and the game is too smart for us lol

I did have a good game on Clocktower where I was busting peoples heads off lol but I had to learn that i needed actives for true headshots lol

But I’ve had my fair share of people call me trash and that I suck etc etc lol oh well I still get straight rolled on playing insane on the campaign lol

But I still need 36 headshots lol

Now only 19 more :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

(HayMaker304) #468

Man something was up tonight. I know I shot numerous people in the head but only did 1% damage. Lol gay lol

But I only need 2 more headshots now (daddy duty called) and it’s back to horde lol


Well, I’m probably gonna be on tonight EST playing ranked koth and TDM, trying to get back to my Onyx 1 rank. Still at gold 2 this season. So if any of y’all would like to join, feel free to hit me up on XBL. Not exactly sure when per-say. but most likely from 8pm-930 or so.

(HayMaker304) #470

Naw I’m trash lol
Your trash

We can’t play together lol


Hahahaha! I would enjoy playing with you though👍
Honestly, actually being able to communicate with someone would be a massive benefit :rofl:

(III EnVii III) #472

Damn that’s a bit late for me :sob:

I’ll be on till like 10-11pm GMT.


Yeah, these time zones suck lol. I just won’t be done with school till later tonight.
If I am able to get on earlier, would love to get a couple games in :+1:

(Krylon Blue) #474

Go get that Onyx bro. Have you don’t it before or is this a first?


Oh yeah. I’ve been Onyx since season 3. I’ve just been so flooded with studies lately that I haven’t had that much time to play.

(Krylon Blue) #476

Sounds like fun.

I hear those Onyx skins are pretty nice. :blush:


Oh shut your snobby, diamond encrusted mouth🤣

(HayMaker304) #478

@DAVID_THE_CLOWN @III_EnVii_III @Krylon_Blue @AliceInChainsaw

Hey I’m a bronze can y’all carry me to silver? Lmao


Hahahaha! I need those guys to carry me lol :rofl:

(HayMaker304) #480

Honestly I don’t ever know that I’m that bad but I always play solo