Next Esports Locust: What do you hope it is later today?

Usually after releasing a chrome steel for one team, the opposing team follows. So, who do you hope the lucky Locust is?

For me, I hope it is OG Theron or Stalker Armored Kantus. Other Locust are exceptional as well, like cyclops, Grenadier, or RAAM. But to be honest, I believe Theron Guard, or Stalker is the best pick because it’s gonna be months before we get another set of Esports skin :frowning:

Also I think Stalker or OG Theron would benefit the most from it! Very flashy and bad ■■■ :3

Let’s go with a Karn.

Might be interested in that.

I expect we’ll have nothing or still have Baird with the eSports symbol in the worst possible spot when they could’ve found a better place to put it.

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Him and Myrrah are matching

I have suspicions they’ll pull that same dumb move with Lizzie when they have spots to put it on where it’d be visible other than right on the ■■■ pockets🙄

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Well first they’d have to make a Chrome Steel Lizzie and that already seems too far fetched

I could have sworn I read somewhere that CS Lizzie appeared for about a second in a past gameplay trailer a while back. I might have imagined it, but this would have been around the time Op 2 dropped.

I suspect that TC have lots of character variant skins completed and ready to be released, but just have them locked away until it’s time based on their schedule.

I remember in GOW4 that gameplay images of the Flame Grenadier was leaked about 3-4 months before it was actually released.

True, maybe they should make that Winter Armor skin for her people have been asking for for months now. But then the Carmines generally don’t appear to receive much attention overall in the skin department. I mean, it’s Op 4 now and Clayton still doesn’t have a Hivebuster skin.

People said this for CS Jermad who showed up who knows how much later. None of this was shown for Lizzie, all I’ve seen are very clearly photoshopped CS Lizzie pics circulating on Twitter. It’s obvious because of a software watermark on the picture…

When I first glanced at your post, I totally thought you said, “Let’s go with a Karen” :rofl:

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  • Fixed an issue Chrome Steel Vermello – Elbow clips with card art border

I would expect Vermello before we get another Swarm char.

This is the referenced pic btw. And since the CS Jermad looked exactly like the leak you can expect her to look the same.

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Please no… that dude is so skinny.

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I’m really REALLY sick of COG skins. Locust need way more. I have the best Chrome Steel released so far ( Jermad ) so I’d go with either the Grenadier or a locust drone variant. Since the are the most popular and best looking skins for the Locust.