Next double xp event?

I haven’t heard or read anything regarding a Memorial Day weekend double xp event, does anyone know when the next one is?

This would be nice…would actually bring me back to playing some Horde matches too

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Would be good to get info on this!

Love that XP Boost !

It would be great that on July 4 (:us: Independence Day) they give 4XP.

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Yeah, I’ll take that!

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Well it needs to be another style BTTE, as announced for tryouts. Yay!

I would like to see a few more D XP events come in the future, especially as the population is getting lower, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few double credit weekends or a 1.5x credit weekend either.

I would play Horde all day, if Double 2x, Triple 3x or Quad 4x XP comes, or for Credits.
GTA had bonus for Memorial Day, yet Gears hasn’t. :neutral_face: