Next Characters

People are still trying to forget about Oscar thanks to TC and the wrestling skins


COG: Kyle Reese, T2 Arnold

Swarm: T-1000, T-X

Dizzy all day and then I’m happy with whoever else. What Im really wanting is more characters per operation I bought the game early and even now after coming back it still feels like there isn’t enough of a roster. Yea its cool now that escape characters can play horde but I was still disappointed at what little has changed after taking a long break.

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Dizzy will definitely be coming eventually. We’re still missing Dom and Minh so there’s still plenty to come.

For the Swarm we’ve still got names like Skorge, Grenadier, Flame Grenadier and the Theron Sentinel to come as well.

Hopefully the next few operations drop big names.

Do you have any proof on this?

By the time we get every character from the campaign the game will be almost a year old.

Sadly there’s gonna be some fan favorite characters we don’t get to see in Gear 5 thanks to the hero system

Yea especially with Tactics expanding the roster, I bet we get at least one of them in 5, some classic characters may not make the cut. But I think gears 5 might have a longer life cycle, due to the xbox series x enhancements, and more side projects implemented.

I think this game will have a longer life cycle than 1 year. Also point to remember, the game is going over to Xbox Series X so I’m sure the TC will be adding content past 1 year of its life cycle.

Gears 4 was still adding content 2 years after release.

I believe this will have at least a 3 year life but with this hero system we won’t get all fan favorites

The game will be out almost a year before we even get all the character from the campaign

You’re probably right, we won’t get all fan favourites but I do think we’ll get some big drops. Remember Characters are randomly popping up in the store, as well. Who’d ever think Cyclops would just randomly show up in store? I thought he’d be part of Tour of Duty.

Think names like Dom, Minh, Dizzy and Skorge are a lock.

Yes but the only randomness with skins right now is on the locust/swarm side. COG skins are limited to whatever hero’s we get for the operation.

I do think that will alternate over the coming months. Personally I think A & B Carmine will also drop on the store because they were leaked weeks ago but didn’t drop in Operation 3.

Ant and Ben Carmine won’t appear in the store. They’ll be free because they are characters not skins. Skins and characters are 2 different things from TCs definition. They should be in the game at some point as they’re some of the top fan favs.

I think we’ll just have to wait and see. You’re right we know Anthony and Ben are definitely coming because we’ve seen their character selection pictures in the games menu. Just a case of waiting now and see what arrives in the coming months.

When did they show that?

Here you go my friend. YouTuber sasxsh4dowz put it on.

Nice! But the problem is when will we get them?

Hopefully soon

I would think Anthony might be mid-Op 3 release while Benjamin could appear in Op 4. If both came mid-Op 3, then they’ve clearly outdone themselves. Or they’ll come Op 4…

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Looking at how TC have been organising Locust/Swarm “characters” and “skin variants” I strongly suspect that only Locust Grenadier and Skorge will be characters. Their own written definitions also suggest this.

The Flame Grenadier is aesthetically based on the Grenadier model so will in all likelihood be a skin variant for the Grenadier. Same as Theron Sentinel who will be a Theron variant.

Given how different the Ronin or Stalker Kantus look to each to the regular Kantus but are classed as skin variants, I think this shows strongly what TC are planning to do with other Kantus like the Savage and Armorred ones.

The other different Locust/Swarm will almost certainly feature as skin variants unfortunately. Beast Rider and Sniper for example is based on the same Drone mod but different helmet / goggles.

This leaves the Locust/Swarm ranks quite low compared to potential human/COG characters. There’s only really Locust Grenadier, Skorge and Sraak left, unless they produce some new ones like Karn and Ukkon.

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Completely agree with this. In some way I wish they was all separate characters, can’t beat seeing a stacked roster, although it makes sense how they’ve done it with character skins in one slot, like Cyclops & Bolter in the Drone slot. As you say it only leaves a few for the Swarm team, Skorge & Grenadier for sure. Sraak, Ukkon & Karn likely to finish it off. I suppose they could add Vrol from the Bloodied Vanguard? That’d be cool. If he ever was to be introduced in Gears 5 TC would no doubt place him in the Kantus character slot? As he is a high priest.