Next Characters

What characters would you guys like to see next?

2 Cog and 2 Swarm

Cog - Dom and Anya…the rest of the carmine’s lol

Swarm - Skorge and Karn

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Well we still haven’t gotten Paduk so he’s definitely a shoe in for the next operation. I’m also gonna say we’ll get the Nomads from the campaign or possibly Jin.

Also I can see them adding the Tactics characters

I hope there are 3 for next OP. Hoffman, Hoffman, and Hoffman. Skorge is okay too.


Paduk will most likely be in the next op probably along with the UIR.

I want my skorge back and Karn playable for the first time would be cool.

Hopefully they add more before the next op

Paduk and Dom. TC is pretty incompetent, but they would have to be downright insane not to realize that bringing Dom to Op 4 might one of the few things to actually bring some people back to the game.

I just want Judgement Baird


Hopefully Skorge!!! :wink:

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Paduk and Samantha

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COG Hoffman + Dizzy
Swarm Skorge + Ukkon (tactics)
I dont think Dizzy is high on TC’s list, but I could see Hoffman. His ultimate could be a hammer strike. I dont know how that would work indoors in escape though.

Cog side dom and Deebee (lol in horde )
locust side classic grenadier and lambient drone


I forgot about the lambient. I’d still prefer skorge first but you could get an interesting skill in arcade with the lambient

They could drop all the characters right now and it wont matter because the game still needs work. People might come back but they wont stay

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Get Sofia and Prescott in this game, and I’ll be happier than a pig in ■■■■.

We still don’t have the last remaining playable characters that are in the campaign to begin with. Since Cole and Clayton have arrived, I’m gonna say Paduk, Samantha Byrne, and possibly Jinn will be in the next operation.

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Dom and Anya - 1000x yes !!!
Although… since I love Anya entirely too much then if they don’t do a good job on her then there will be much dejoycing.

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I was just labeling the teams.

Teams 100%

But a “Labeled team” just no.

Not to be a d*ck but what does this have to do with the topic?

It seems a lot of people here are forgetting about Oscar also being in the Campaign… even if too little.