Next character for gears 5

Hello guys I have a question. What will you guys think if gears link up with terry Cruz for the next up coming character.

No thank you. No more guest appearances. Let us get in game characters first


Terry Crews.

Little Mermaid is the next character. So he will have to wait.

I heard it was gonna be Santa Clause because soon Christmas movies will be coming out

Yeah I know right lol it’s as if they are determined to have as few proper gears of war characters as possible. Let’s fill it with Batista terminator halo and 3 nobodies like keegan lahni and mac(I know they are gears characters but they are still nobodies in my book). Where’s Dom Baird dizzy Cole myrrah the locust the carmines Prescott Hoffman Bernie tai Paduk anya Adam fenix sam Kim etc. There’s tons coalition stop filling the game with crap and give us stuff from the franchise. If I wanted terminators halo characters or wwe wrestlers they all have their own games or will soon…I bought gears to play as gears characters