News July 8 - New Ranked system

yeah its really annoying to deal with, I know of one friend that’s top 3% Masters or something and he tried finding a match the other day and eventually gave up and decided to play CoD, surely that can’t be good for Gears 5 can it?

I had a long argument/conversation with another friend that they should just get rid of the ranking system entirely, his argument was that if you get stomped you just learn how to improve naturally over time, my argument is that it elevates everybody to another level entirely because no longer can you just go into pubs and just smack kids because you’ll eventually meet opponents that have your number.

As someone that went from rank Silver to Master’s (I almost cried btw) I can tell a huge gap in difference not just in terms of competition but in terms of my own skill, I consider myself a pariah because I go into lobbies and constantly find ways to get in their faces and pimp slap them :smiling_imp:
Started from the bottom now I’m here :cat:

I suspect that over time TC will just broaden the matchmaking to be less strict, it already sounds less strict in OP4, if it allows you guys to match against Diamond players I think you’ll be fine, there are TONS of players that want the top spots and they’ll do anything they can to win so you’ll probably have good competition I hope.

I also don’t know if you are a PC player or not, if so its not surprising you wouldn’t be able to find matches, I and many others despise playing against PC players so we shut off crossplay…

I can tell you one thing that would help with this is the cross play toggle. If you reach Onyx/Diamond there should be no toggle. You cant be a high level player with the toggle on

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Give me 120 fps, FOV slider, Keyboard+Mouse and then I’ll consider turning off crossplay…

Considering they never removed it from GOW4 I doubt they’ll merge the two communities together, I won’t waste my time in Ranked if I know the person I’m playing against has enormous advantages over me, won’t feel like a climb but more like a PC gate to Masters.

Edit: the equivalent is like playing against somebody with a modded controller, simply not fun competitively.

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I dont think its as enormous as you say. There is a slight advantage yes but not crazy
I wouldnt be surprised if console players get these features with the next gen. I dont see why we wont

Also you can play m/k on xbox right now

120fps isn’t giving me any advantage over 60fps. It’s pleasing to the eyes though…

FoV? Eh, the difference isn’t that big. It’s there but not some magical advantage.

KB+M - go for it. You can use it on Xbox…

I use a controller on PC and got Masters just like I got D4 on Xbox Gears 4 with a controller

if you don’t think having double the fps of someone else (and next to no performance issues I might add) then I don’t know what to tell you friend, if this were a fighting game community people would be laughing at you… fps is huge for any game competitively. Why did you get a PC in the first place? Because it’s cute?

Of course PC players don’t think they have any advantages, everybody likes to think that every kill, every win isn’t because they had advantages over someone else but because of their skills and nothing more, now a PC doesn’t just magically make you a Gears god or anything but the difference from playing against PC players and console is readily apparent to anyone with experience.

My point is that competition (even online) needs to be fair, the only argument I see for PC players going forward is that because Series X players will probably have higher fps (90-120) than the current 60 that there will already be a gap between players so the logic of turning off crossplay makes more sense… All I’m saying is that I won’t play games that are rigged. I would still enjoy Horde mode of course but if I gotta choose between being forced to play on PC in Gears 5 or playing another game on console I’m choosing the latter.

Edit: I don’t despise PC players, but Gears has always been a console game, and considering like 95% of the playerbase is currently console (made up numbers, probably higher if I had to guess) for them to go out of their way for PC players seems a bit strange.

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Because I don’t want developers to tell me I have to play a game at 30FPS when I can play it at 60+FPS because I want to. That’s why I built a PC. 30FPS is like a damn flip book and I refuse to play those.

And I dominated players just as easily on console so what does that say? I never had crossplay disabled because I was never somebody who needed to avoid the best players in the world on any platform.

I’d rather go against a PC stack than a stack of people with high and unstable pings. Thats the biggest problem when it comes to rank


Here’s a fact:

If they removed the crossplay toggle while also removing the PC icon next to our names I bet you a ton of Xbox players would be called “PC Cheaters”.

You did for 10 years did you not?

There are tons of games with a huge PC audience, CS:GO off the top of my head. CS:GO also has far more competition than Gears 5 does…

Gears will always be a console focused game bruh, as Halo will be, don’t expect MS/TC to change that.

@ll_R_E_D_l damn EU players :rage:
Like 1 dude in the whole lobby has under 30 ping everybody else got over 100 :man_facepalming:
I don’t hate them because of where they’re from but those games are best forgotten.

yes this is where they would simply go back to the current recorded TDM Ranks. use those to Matchmake.

Gears 2 playing execution/warzone was my most played game in the day. Gears 3 ruined vs modes for me with the TDM mode… I kind of checked out of the franchise at that point. Gears was always a very strategic, slower paced first person shooter… Why try to change it into Call of Duty?

I just started with gears 5 because it was free with the game pass. I love how responsive the controls are, and the game looks great.

I like how the total death pool on TDM is only 15, makes for a fun casual mode if TDM has to be in there…

Bring back execution/warzone and I’ll play this game again.

I agree, been playing ranked since gears 1. I firmly believe removing TDM from ranked was by far one of the worst ideas ever. I have a master rank on TDM and consistently play with a squad but now I don’t even look forward to play the game anymore. Will be on COD: Warzone until gears decides to get it’s ■■■■ together.

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So, I live in Brazil and I dont find Ranked Matches.

How am I supposed to do the Rank Medals if I dont find ranked matches???

How long do u guys have to wait to find it? I tried gridiron and free for all today and nothing

Play KOTH. It’s the only ranked mode in Brazil that you can find matches without waiting forever.

But for the Ranked Medals we have to play all the modes :face_with_thermometer:

I don’t understand… You get a ranked medal specifically for the ranked mode you’re playing. Why would you need to play all?

There is a medal for gridiron, other for FFA, KOTH and other for gnasher 2v2, so we have to play all the modes to get them all

Oh, for the ToD… I understand now :man_facepalming:t4: was a bit slow there for a bit

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