Can there please be a solo mode, sick of the players up and leaving every match, I will end up doing 40+ waves myself anyways. Also 15 characters required for tittle, That is bs

Horde > Custom > Host Private > Keep lobby browser visibility off > Turn AI allies on or off, choose whichever modifiers you like, if you want any > You now have yourself a quasi-solo Horde experience.


A.I.s are not really bad in Private horde so I keep them during this alone time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please A.I Casan, DO NOT LAUGH!!! :unamused:

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Thankfully the AI cannot use emotes. Casan sometimes still is annoying regardless.

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But can you still earn xp and unlock more perks that way?

Yes. Custom Horde matches have all the benefits of playing a public match, with full control over who joins your lobbies and what modifiers are used.


Simple solutions to simple problems. Learn how to READ and NAVIGATE the game properly and you’ll stop crying soon enough

I was just saying calm down no need for name calling

Clearly you can’t read… at no point did I call you any names, I implied you’re a cry baby, but that’s it.

Be careful with this method though. I hear some people are forced to use barriers with bleed along with an OP JD and Kait lol.

All in good humor.

Some may say you even need a Jack. How preposterous to think you even need a tool that simplifies the game so much.

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The number of enemies and damage they can do must be scalable according to number of current players, regardless of game difficulty or mutators, but developers don’t care. Also the game must let us play offline as well as Gears of War 2, 3 and Judgment horde/overrun modes, this “games as service” tendency is pure sh!1@#t,

Adding nothing to the thread except unprovoked hostility lol