Newb question on frag gernades for MP

So I’m doing the tour of duty objectives and one is to get 5 kills with frag gernades. Problem is I can never get any. Am I missing something? I’ve played arcade, team deathmatch, escape, and horde and never get any frag gernades.

Frag grenades only count for frag grenade kills (sounds weird put like that) so shock grenades for example wont count. If you’re getting kills with frag grenades and it’s not going up then i suspect it’s bugged

Best thing to do is renew the tour of duty challenge, you get 1 free re-roll a day so it wont cost you any iron as if it is bugged asking TC to do anything about it is a lost cause at this point

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Well arcade theres only a few characters who can get frags so choose that character and get the required amount of skills to purchase them. But you’ll probably have better luck in CO OP vs AI.

Either play co op vs ai or play as JD in horde. Can buy grenades from the fabricator and get 5 really easily

Most multiplayer maps have frags available as pickup, either every round (icebound, district, asylum), or alternating rounds (Vasgar, Bunker, training grounds). Coop against ai is the best way to do it, if you aren’t an experiences explosives person in versus.

  1. Play solo horde as JD or Marcus. Buy frag grenade from fabricator for 500 gold.

  2. Plant one frag on a choke point. Go pick up ammo box which gives you another, Plant the other one on another choke point. Go pick up the second ammo box to get another grenade.

  3. Advance wave and see enemies walk by and get blown up. Repeat from (2) at the start of each wave till you get 5 kills.