New weekly versus event: Submission with a twist

Remember Submission from Gears of war 2? It was basically capture the bot stranded as a meat shield before the other team could and the bot stranded could kill you. What if we bring back the game mode as 4v4 but with a twist, if someone solos queues to join, they have the option as playing as Franklin, Aaron Griffin, or Chaps. If the meatflag manages to avoid both teams for the duration, he gets triple xp. I know it’s obvious that this probably won’t get implemented but it’s an idea. Let me know any flaws you think this mode might have.

Imagine being shotgunned by 8 different players!

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I’ve seen plenty of Gnasher players run through people with their aim and movement. I actually just did that. Also, the opposing teams might get distracted by each other

I’m sure they’ll add a new gamemode AND 3 characters just for an event.

Imagine being lancered by 8 different players!

While there at it can they give the stranded some class cards?

Reflective shell ??