New weapons for future game play a must!

Just giving some positive feedback here. Would it be too much to ask for you guys to create and release new weapons when new maps come out. Having new maps is great and all, but we need new weapons too. Playing with the same weapons gets to be a bit redundant as it’s the weapons that make this game what it is. New maps must bring with it new weapons, PERIOD. Why this hasn’t happened yet is beyond me. You guys need to really need to get on the ball with this.

Claw, Breaker Mace, Talon Pistol, Flashbangs, Cryo Cannon, Lancer GL… all new to GOW5.

Adding new weapons via DLC is unrealistic. They’ve never done it in previous games because of the amount of work that goes into it. You’re having to fit a totally new weapon into the current game, test it, balance it etc.

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Dump the HERO - VILLIAN thing… And focus on weapons instead.

Let these guys handle heros

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All new weapons since gears 4 are bad and/or boring except the dropshot, the design of weapon is very bad too

We need the original markza, the breachshot, the mortar, one shot, digger …

all old weapons are better than their ■■■■


I just want the Breechshot, Digger, Scorcher, Mortor, Gorgon, Ink Grenades and Boom Shield back, yo. Gears 5’s weapons feel like straight *ss. Hell, all of TC’s weapon ideas are exactly that.

They could drop Maps set into the Locust era.
It would be Easy for them to recicle weapons as Mortar , HoD , Scorcher , Boomshield , Classic Hammerburst , Gorgon , Digger. (Booshka , why not?)
I also want Classic ‘huge mag’ Markza too.

PS. I loved the G3 execution for Digger , that smack to the face + kick to da face was legendary.
TC bring this back pls!

Booshka was cool to play with wall and cover

Tripwire crossbow for trap