New way to rank quitters \afk's Rant

Can we bring in a system like rainbow 6 siege Where we can view the gamercard and vote wether or not to kick from the lobby! Also to which we can vote a player for future matches to play with. Tc should have a customer service center specifically directed towards issues with (multiplayer,lag,lootboxes,etc) this would make (i feel) an easier and hardcore gaming community to deal with the problems we have currently. Thanks for reading!

This can be abused, no?


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Better than what we got. Current play style is seeming like too many afks/quitters than actual gears gamers that actually wanna play and compete. If we can incorporate this system into gears, at least we can sort of minimize this consistent basis that’s being displayed currently

Not regarding kicking players.

There are several bad intentioned players out there.