New " Wager Gamemode" / XP reward / Store currency Idea

After hearing that there’s changes coming to the store in which it allows players to use currency that’s earned in game that gave me an idea. I briefly explained it in the Dev Stream earlier but I have put a bit of thought into it since.

I’m first assuming / basing this on the idea that Iron will remain the store currency, I am also assuming that Iron will be available for purchase with real world currency.

The idea I am suggesting, I don’t want it to be using a currency that can be purchased with real money, I don’t have a name of what it should be called so for the sake of this post I will refer to it as “Money”.

I would like to see a new XP ranking system in place, not so much to replace the current ranks but to be it’s own feature to run alongside. All of the following bulletpoints are to tie in how I am picturing the entire system working together.

  • 1 Match Complete = 1 Point, regardless of performance every player in the lobby will receive the completion point. I think this will discourage players who want to quit. All PvP gamemodes will give this reward, irrespective of match length, if you choose to play a KOTH match that lasts a long time instead of a 2v2 match which is quick, that’s your choice but you get no extra reward for doing so.

  • Gamble Feature = Using the idea of the Gears of War 4 bounties, before a match a player can have the option to gamble 1 XP point to purchase a bounty (maximum of 1 active bounty per match to avoid quick ranking). Bounties could consist of things such as

  1. Win the Match - 200% Payout
  2. Match MVP (Highest scoring player) - 300% Payout
  3. Win Every Round - 200% Payout

(Do NOT add silly objectives, Gears 4 bounties and Gears 5 challenges are too easy, e.g - 5 Gnasher kills)

Should a player gamble a point and complete their objective then they wll receive more completion points, for example winning the match with 200% payout will grant the player 2 points, their initial point plus their bounty. If the player fails to meet their bounty objective then they lose the bounty entirely but still earn the 1 completion point for finishing the match. That will add a risk / reward factor to the game without them losing both their bounty and not getting the match complete point which would be annoying, Failing to meet a bounty will just mean that 1 match wasn’t worth any progress, no progress is really being lost.

  • This is intentionally a low reward to keep the value of these points high, a player can grind away at earning these naturally or can use the bounties optionally, all players can reach the same targets just by playing. This idea fully rewards time spent playing the game.

  • Every 50 points should have a milestone whereby “Money” is earned at a constant rate every 50 ranks, this being 1000 “Money” each time. This “Money” can be exchanged for Iron at a rate of 5000 “Money” for 500 Iron, no lower conversion options to avoid devaluing Iron. This meaning playing regular modes without bounties will earn you 500 iron every 250 matches played.

  • Optional Wager Matches could be played on selected gamemodes, an example would be Gridiron. Forced stacked teams with no team matchmaking to fill up spaces, if you can’t find a team to be in then you don’t play, this in order to remove the issue of having a bad teammate and to add in a real competitive factor into public play as your team’s strategies would actually have meaning. Not having a random player on either team would be a vital factor.

Every player would be required to buy in to the Wager match, 50 Money each. Winning the match will double their Money, losing the match will cause them to lose their buy in Money. Players would need to work as a team in order to gamble their Money if they’re looking for a quicker route of obtaining Iron to spend in the store.

This would mean that players are unable to gamble any content that has been purchased with real world currency. I think this would encourage players to want to complete more matches as they have something that they’re always working towards and would potentially make players more interested in the store itself.

As this would be a very slow grind process, the store should not remove content to make it unobtainable over time,

I think that this system within the game would allow for the game to be played naturally whilst providing players a sense of always earning something for playing, I think it’d add in a slight risk factor for players looking for a faster route and I think it would discourage players from wanting to quit a match that’s not going their way. This would potentially lead to AFK players, I have no solution for that other than kicking idle players.