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New villains (pretty much) Confirmed by Dana Sissions

Very early on in the recent stream SASXSH4DOWZ asked in chat “Will their be villians in op 2”

To which Dana replied “I’d imagine their would be villains To balance out the heroes”

This may seem like a given to some but it’s note worthy.

One is definitely Kantus btw.

Woopie fracking do.

Give me a versus game I enjoy playing first, Dana, then talk to me about paid dlc…


Sweet Op,:sunglasses:Thanks for the info

New villains. Kantus. Hmm…

I can already play as Kantus and Baird in a game that looks almost the same and plays better, called Gears 4.
Honestly moving from G4 (with its plethora of content gathered over the years) to G5 feels about the same as moving from Destiny to Destiny 2.

I don’t understand how devs can expect players to get excited over re-acquiring content they had in the previous game, and just wait for extra content in the form of maps/characters when there’s already a game that resembles a finished product that they already own.

Kantus eh? One of the totem tasks is probably to get X number of revives.

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Gears 3 flashback

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that sounds interesting man…

Ah ■■■■ here we go again