New update wtf!?

Wtf??? Nach 10 Jahren Gears of war sag ich nun tschau. Das neue Update ist unspielbar. Zurück in die Steinzeit!
Gnasher im Arsch bzw. Allgemein das Aiming, Lancer noch stärker als ohnehin schon, Bouncen im Arsch!
Wow danke für das neue Update. Die Noobs werden es euch Danken. DEINSTALLIERT!

im sorry man…

I just speak spanish, english and some italian…

I only understood the portion of WTF!!! and that’s about it hahahahha :slight_smile:


He’s basically complaining the update’s unplayable and some ranting about the Lancer being stronger and ruined wallbouncing. And “The noobs will thank you(TC)”.

More or less, anyway.


oh ok @AmicableWall421 pretty much the complaints we got almost every day then. Thanks for the translation

@PlxtoD if you could post in English we’ll be happy to help my friend :slight_smile:

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Nice to see Germany gets to enjoy this too

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Why would you start with the title in English then go on a German Rant?


he said the word: DEINSTALLIERT

I think he is gonna Uninstall the game man . which is a pity :frowning: I mean he is gonna miss the excitement of playing horde to the limit.

Its like he only watched Mulan but didn’t watched the Musical Video of " Reflection" THE 2020 VERSION with Christina Aguilera… he is missing the good parts of the game man


Lol great comparisons

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hahahahaha :slight_smile: I know my friend

The campaing of Gears 5 its 2020 Mulan the movie , just plain, and unchalleged.

but the Christina Aguilera’s 2020 version of “Reflection” its truly a masterpiece… that’s horde, just plain an excitement adventure… ( it just needs more maps ) lol :slight_smile:

Regards man .


After 10 years of Gears of War I say goodbye The new update is unplayable. Back to the Stone Age!
Gnasher is ■■■ or aiming in general, Lancer even stronger than already, bouncing is ■■■!
Wow thanks for the new update. The noobs will thank you

You are welcome.


Well, i studied German in elementary school and also in university, but that was a long time ago… But i think i kmow what this means :grin: :slight_smile:


yeah man hahahaha that’s was ONLY the part that I understood… hahahahaha

I gather he is not happy with the game and he will be playing Crash Bandicoot instead :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello there,

Please post in English only as per the forum rules,

Thank you :slight_smile:

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