New update patch

Hello, I’ve only read something about lancer n shotgun in the update, but seeing nothing of the issue with horde it became unplayable of always getting kicked out of horde master. Is this not been fixed? I didn’t played gears 5 now for 5 days, it’s itching :’(

Nope, the new patch hasn’t done anything to resolve server boots. Our team got kicked on wave 11 on a master Canals last night.

The worse part is that we don’t know why it is causing it, although most crashes are at the end of a wave (our crash was with one guy left), so we think it might be something to do with Jack and picking up weapons, maybe forging.

too bad :’( there’s a lot of speculating. when a match begins / lizzie again … I would maybe think it’s with JD, as he’s always needed in a master run… and they changed him with the weapons. maybe he’s the glitch?