New Update , New Problems

So with this new update every time I’ve tried to switch to Gears from another game or app my Xbox shuts down. Anyone else experiencing this???

The game would go to title screen the go right back to the Xbox homepage. Forced to reinstall the game last night.

I just don’t understand how with EVERY update there seems to be more problems its amazing

Its either an in game problem or a problem that causes the to game to crash. It is only this game that causes problems with the game itself after an update. This will be the 5th time I had to reinstall because of an update.

i know the feeling 100+gb to constantly reinstall is ridiculous

Especially if you have a data cap like many people do now.

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Probably you and many others experience data corruption on every update. Isnt TC aware of this?

I’m not just talking about data corruption I’m talking about the game in general