New Update New Problems

So I check out my daily objectives.

  1. Get 10 kills with assault rifles
  2. Get 1 heavy weapon kill
  3. Get 2 headshots in versus
  4. Collect 10k power

All easy enough right? Wrong. I load up a private horde to knock out 3 of them. The little message pops up that I completed the challenges. Go back to the main menu and it says I only got 6 kills with assault rifles, no heavy weapon kills and only 325 power collected. I jump into a CoOp vs AI and get Koth. Win the match I know have 8 assault rifle kills and only 1 head shot.


Yeah, it’s not tracking right at the moment, maybe due to load?

My tour rewards wont unlock at the moment, i imagine it will get fixed soon… maybe.


(This is me trying to figure it out)

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I played 10 waves as Marcus theres no way I only got 6 kills man.

Can TC give us 1 update that works after you update the game? Is that too much to ask for?


(This is my idk face)


Yeh its ■■■■■■ for me aswell haha plebs

I have the same problem

Same problem for me too

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LuL ToD totally busted. Nothing tracking properly. Weird since it was one of the things that worked fine in Op1/2.


People are crazy sponging my shots too. High ping players dominating.


Someone told me they don’t count if you fail the mission lol so if you fail horde non you did unlock

TC are useless

Ranked playlists don’t even show up for me now.That means I’m done for today with gears.

Hats off to a great new op. :-1:


Same here. Technically completed them all within first 4 waves and didn’t get anything for it. Also, I equipped the Cole Totem and after playing for awhile, didn’t get any XP at all.

Bite me TC.

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Not true at all. Its just not tracking at the moment. Doesnt matter PvE or PvP

I’m not getting any cards for Horde completions either. 20 waves… zero cards.

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Clad im not the only one with issues on this.

I also noticed in horde that the titles for each column are not aligned with the colum itself.


You would think 3 games in and how many number of updates at this point that we get ONE that works when its released


Agreed. It’s the simple things. Smh.