New update made game unplayable. TC! SERIOUSLY? Respond please

So the new update was released and was happy to accept. Now the game will not even enter the loading screen at all. I got the Gears of Wars title screen and then it goes straight back to Xbox home page and has been happening since the update finished yet before the update it was a come and go as you please. I waited for the update to be installed and there was no interuptions at or stalls at all.

It looks as if I have to reinstall the game and this will be the 5th time (yes I keep track) I have had to reinstall the game because of an update. I have done it with no complaints and happily done it but honestly this is the one that broke me. I love this game and will continue to play and will, without a doubt, be on Gears of War 5 but having to reinstall again and again is just ridiculous. No matter how great my internet is it still takes an abnormal amount of time to install and the size of the install is much larger the last which means more time. I mean honestly what is going on? The problems keep building up and have gone on and on with this game but enough is enough and I have reached the limit.

If anyone has a solution to this then please let me know. Do not turn this into a bashing sesh on TC because I really want to know from them why I have had to reinstall so many times because of a new update. Most likely I will reinstall the game and play again and again but seriously what is going on where an update forces a reinstall? It is the classic “turn it off and turn it on again” but come on this is just getting stupid at this point.

I’m sorry if I missed it in your post but did you try a hard reset? If that doesn’t fix it then you’re likely right about a full install being required. Which is a bummer because even with Gigabit internet Xbox only allows 280Mbps or so for a download but it doesn’t even hold that speed sometimes so it can be even worse. 100gb+ will take a while either way though, lol.

Went for the hard reset after I left it alone for a few hours and still nothing unless I did reset wrong. Its just going to be a “turn it off and turn it on again while allowing for a long time to turn on” You didn’t miss anything I new I forgot something in that post and now I know what it was lol. None the less thank you for the help. I just wanted to know why after so many updates I have had to either reinstall or hard reset for a game to work which, as far as I am concerned, is something that should not happen,

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It really shouldn’t happen but some people tend to get unlucky. I’m not sure if this would work but did you try and go into the Xbox settings and set your console to play offline? I’ve heard that helps sometimes but I’m not too sure if it would in this instance.

Any game I buy is always installed with the internet turned off because for some reason when I have the internet the games takes for ever to install and I mean forever. None the less thanks for the help and thanks for taking the time.

I meant did you try and start the game up while offline; not when you install it. Also, it seems to take longer because it’s also downloading an update if you’re connected to the internet. At least in my case I’ve not noticed much difference between install speed but I also only use discs when I rent a game from my library.

Ah I see and yes I turned off the internet to make sure and still for the gears title and straigh back to homepage. Sorry I have realized I have left alot out the OP because I was in absolute unsatisfied customer mode lol.

It’s all good bud. It’s hard to mention everything you’ve tried at times because it feels like you’ve tried so many things with no results and you become frustrated. A game this large can not only be annoying to download again but also frustrating because many unlucky people have 1TB data caps which get sucked away quickly. I remember when I had a data cap I’d always be worried about going over and it was not a good feeling.

While I am still here its really disheartening to suffer or to be met with problems a DEV said they were going to solve. Like I said I have had to reinstall 5 times now and have been happy to do it because I do love this game and will pick up the next one but this reinstall pointed out that I just had enough and all the in game problems just piled up. I am passionate about this franchise and in any conversation brought up about gaming I am garunteed to bring up gears but when 4 comes into it (while supportive) there is no must have tone from me. I just hate that I and other players have to hard reset or reinstall or suffer a fix that undoes everything.

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It’s possible the data got corrupted in the update. This seems to be a regular thing for me with Fortnite. They do weekly updates and i’ve had 3 bad ones. I actually hate that game so when friends ask me to hop on and my FN update is bad and I can’t play, I’m so relieved. :smile:

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I can’t stand Fortnite either. But in my case when I’m asked if I’ll play it I laugh and say “hell no”.

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Ill be honest, if it did happen, it is the only game I have that it has happened to. Huge library of games and this is the only one I have to reinstall after an update. I am not trying to bad mouth TC or turn this into a TC hate sesh but this is the only game that causes this.

As for Fortnite both @Krylon_Blue and @Al_Bundy_33hero. Its an absolute laugh. Never took it seriously because how can you but never have me on your team cause I am the guy who just hides in the bush while everyone is building while I try to figure out the building lol

Edit: As always thank you guys very much for the solutions and insight whether it fixed the problem or not.

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