New type of Sentinel in Horde now. designed to a avoid Clayton's stun!

@D_A_N_III_3_L, this one is for you :slight_smile:

Not much Clayton can do to stun this new enemy…


hahahahhahaha @Omen_LP

that reminded me of the movie: TREMORS

Pretty much its a new type of Sentinel , its attacking under the floor now !!! hahahahaha. I wonder if TC its going to create a new weapon to kill enemies below the ground !!! hahahahahaha


@D_A_N_III_3_L Not even your freedom lancer can reach that * Insert a toxic word here * Sentinel.


you are right @Dreamz_Maker I couldn’t be able to bring FREEDOM to a town where the enemy’s are under the terrain… the freedom lancer can’t work properly under those circumstances.

I think its time for BAIRD INDUSTRIES to create a new kind of weapon which could allow us to kill the new type of sentinels reported by @Omen_LP … hahahahaa :smile:


So the enemy can steal that new weapon and try to use it against us!? :thinking:

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Well, somehow REDACTED is an allowed word! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So REDACTED Sentinel! :unamused:


@MikelTheLastOne I HOPE NOT !!! HAHAHAHAH :smile:

what I do know its that Baird has some work to do , it order for the COG to have something to attack those kind of sentinels. .

The US ARMY and neither the Mexican Army can deal with those kind of threats hahahahah :smile:

That reminds me of the time at work I sent an email which was blocked by corporate IT. Turned out the UK place name “Scunthorpe” contains a secret naughty word. :smiley:


I heard Fahz X-Ray does supremely well against enemies that like to tunnel underground. So one such weapon already exists.

This type of behavior isn’t new to me. I see Bastions occasionally pull this stuff already, one such case recently being in the Campaign in Vasgar where first the Bastion went underground then the Drone it was shielding sunk into the sand so much only its head barely poked above the ground for me to headshot it. The Bastion itself eventually abandoned its underground lair in favor of trying to protect an above ground Elite Grenadier, in vain.

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yes you’re right… so in that scenario its better to have a FAZH on a horde squad for that strange entanglements where the enemies would like to tunnel underground or attack from below… that x ray ultimate can kill anything even if its underground I agree.

thanks @AmicableWall421 for the heads up.


Please don’t bypass the filter.

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In Barcelona…

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Meanwhile in Hungary

Sounds like the perfect justification to bring back the digger :grin:


the digger could work… i haven’t use that weapon in ages…

Looks like everyones game line up should consist of an Engineer, JD, Fahz and the last two is unimportant to date.
Those pesky buggers need a counter. Engineers for building Barriers, JD for bombing runs and now it seems Fahz for these new pesky buggers.

Well, looks like Gears 5 Horde has evolved (de-evolved more like), time for your teams to get with the new program.

Depending on difficulty, JD isn’t totally necessary (although he obviously makes life alot easier). Even on Master, if you have other alternative characters you can take out Guardians and Sentinels like Kait, Keegan and Clayton.

I was playing Inconceivable yesterday with friends and we had JACK, Del, Fahz (me), Kait and Clayton. Kait was a level 1 so didn’t have any of the damage and bleed cards (we were helping the wife of a friend to level up) so it was really up to Clayton to stun, and me as Fahz to take them out. I discovered that Fahz’s X-Ray can shoot through the shields too (I expect some others knew about this, but I didn’t)! I was able to oneshot them and this was in the last 10 waves so they had the health buff (although I would have had upgraded perks too).

As annoying as Guardians and Sentinels are, I’m alright with how they are - teams just need to be prepared. Otherwise Horde just involves literally setting up barriers and a few sentries, sitting back and watching that same spot for 2-3 hours.

TC need to fix this thing where some enemies end up underneath the map though. I’ve seen every flying enemy do this on a host of different maps.

Read my mind.

We need the Digger back for this.

Or Sniper Strike could work.

I’m not sure if the Dropshot would work since that digs into ground.

And Jack should be allowed to hijack Sentinel to blow up.

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But didn’t the Digger go back to explode above ground? Also don’t remember it tunneling very far underground. So would it really work for that?

Dropshot wouldn’t work here because it doesn’t drill deep into the ground and the blast doesn’t go through the map floor.

Haha, rememeber how sniper strike used to hit guardians in the head, so it was actually useful. Then they changed it so it hit their shields, which made it totally useless :slight_smile:

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