New Tuning Is GREAT!

Is definitely not what most of your remaining player base is thinking TC. It feels like you are genuinely trying to kill the game on purpose at this point. I have no idea who is lead multiplayer designer or head but he needs to be demoted straight away. Not that I care anymore because I already stopped playing this as much and just do occasionally now here and there.

But really no bashing but just look at the backlash you get from the remaining players, I think this was the last straw for them and you made half the remainder quit. Consider working on a revert (or at least a 2nd tuning that actually works for the other players if you need more players.)

Alas this is all falling on deaf ears, so this is for (the gears community) just an attempt to console your aching hearts. My sincerest apologies on behalf of TC my friends, was a good run i will be lurking here <3 you all. MWAH!


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