New ToD - did anyone notice the sneaky forcing of SPECIFIC PvP game play in generic medal groups?

There are two generic medal groups now ( I don’t remember the group names) where they force you to play very specific PvP modes! This was never a thing, and it sucks - because you can’t get those using coop (one is a double kill in 2v2, and the other is 15 kills as leader in guardian - ok, that maybe you do in coop, I don’t know if guardian is a coop thing)…

But this is crap! Specific modes belong in the versus or ranked medal groups… I don’t mind generic “in versus games” requirements, since that’s open to coop… But I find the inclusion of specific pvp mode requirements in generic medal groups to be extremely slimy…

I won’t be getting those GC rewards, since I have no interest in 2v2 or guardian…


Is Guardian still in Co-op Versus AI? I haven’t seen it pop up at all. I know it’s not as popular as KOTH, but still…

Ring-captures were never a thing?

Yes, it is.

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They did it in Op 5 too… cause I remember the “kill 5 people in the ring in a single match” in a generic medal group. Last I checked there isn’t a ring to kill inside of in Horde or Escape


The 15 kills got changed to 35. I had to do a double take because it was 15 earlier in the day.

There’s 2 medals for that. One is 15, the other is 35.

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I guess i should be more precise: nothing before which forced people to play against other humans, in a specific Pvp game modes. All the rings stuff you could do in coop, and had a choice of escalation if/when that was available…

Now you have to play 2v2 against human opponents, for a generic medal.

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I don’t mean to be that person but you don’t have to play 2v2 if you don’t want to.

I do agree about the medals but at the end of the day it is a choice.

Well guardian was in last op and I had to do it without vs AI as I never got a game going there.
Meh since so random but survivable.

Only thing I find odd is the 2 vs 2 as it is only a ranked mode, why get people into ranked just for that ?
Getting people out of the comfort zone ? Ya that’s gonna work.
Unless theres is a 2vs2 event coming up, then I guess it’s okish.

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I’ll just have to keep trying then. I’ve been joining and quitting Versus AI matches today searching for Guardian and haven’t seen it at all. Having said that, I only came across Dodgeball just the once, so I guess it’s just not a popular pick amongst most players so the majority of games are TDM and KOTH.

Well what is weird I do see Girdion sometimes in there and it never gets voted on but even for votes Guardian never comes up.
I’m starting to wonder if HerrKätzchen is imagining things :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen Gridiron a reasonable amount of times along with KOTH and TDM. Dodgeball I’ve only seen once since Op 6 started. I’ll just keep trying and feedback. It wouldn’t surprise me if TC took it out of rotation without telling us.

Get a full stack and keep searching for new Coop-lobbies. Eventually you’ll end up in Guardian. Think you also have a high chance of getting to vote for it if you finish TDM, but don’t quote me on this.

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No its in there. Its just really hard to get it to appear. Shame we can’t just pick a mode to go into instead of the play and hope it appears.


Since that would make our live a lot easier, TC won’t give us that option. Everything must be a struggle.

Sure I went into guardian yesterday. I played 6 matches and not once was I the leader lol

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That’s why I’ll never get these stars… same for 2x2 gnashers.I hate PVP and if getting stars in Guardian means searching/playing like 200 rounds for the RNG gods to make me the leader so I can get kills - forget it.

But you are only at Re-up 13.
I wonder how many Locust skins you have, LOL.

“Honor The Fallen” and “Ashes to Ashes”, not necessarily generic medal groups.