New ToD 2 Objecitives

Pretty sure TC had mountains of feedback about ToD 1 objectives and many players hating how it forced them into game modes they didn’t like.

So last night one of my objectives that I notice is new to ToD 2 was to survive 20 waves of horde on insane or higher. As if that game mode didn’t already suffer from quitters and underleveled players trying to join higher difficulty games. TC very badly needs to hire an executive director for common sense apparently.

I also thought that many players hated the win a versus game on a certain map objective and noticed that those are back in full force.


Ya one of the three first tour objectives for me was conplete two chapters of escape on insane. I barely play escape, n prob coupdnt beat that solo. Idk. Maybe
But why bother, its worth 1 star. Wth.

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The win a versus game on X map dailies are even worse this time around as there’s more (mainly old) maps in rotation.

Got one for Lift today and it took ages to find a match on that map, may very well just ignore these dailies going forward as they really aren’t worth the aggravation :rage:.

Wednesday night the update dropped at 9pm for me here in the UK, had to win a match on exhibit, but more importantly I really had to be in bed, alarm goes off at 3:30am :expressionless: but obviously I wanted those 3easy stars and to make it go away ready for 2mo’s free challenge, which ofc you don’t get if ya leave it there, so for half hour/45min I’m just joining co-op vs AI and quitting out until it landed, terribly poor minute to minute gameplay that situation creates

That was my first objective as well last night. It is not even worth the trouble for just 1*. I used my free re roll on that one. I only play Escape solo on lower difficulties, so for me to do Insane I would have to finish the difficulty before that one first. Too much time and hassle. After the re roll I got the 35 assists objective for 3* and finished it quick with Jack with bots. They made the objectives worse in TOD 2.

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They’ve done exactly that on purpose so that people will use iron to re roll and then buy more and more iron… Its so easy to see that this game is all about spending money in the store…


Gears 4 lootbox, currency, and customization system > Gears 5 store any day