New to gears, love and hate

hello i just finished the campain and what a blast loved it.
Now i am starting to play multiplayer and i find it very desapointed. First, its seems that i get placed vs pro like players, its hard to enjoy the game.

Second, what is wrong with one shot kills…i mean really, just use the shotgun get close and kill, its unfair and borring as ■■■,If you play vs good players its not fun at all dying with one shot at every corner, Other weapons are kinda useless

My english suck but i hope you guys can understand it


Welcome to Gears!
Also, yup and yup.

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Yeah, that’s pretty much how versus (PvP) works.

If you enjoyed the Campaign then I suggest you give PvE a try. I’m sure either Horde or Escape will have something to your liking.


This is why you play horde, escape, coop, and vs AI not PVP unless an event has something you want.


If u do try horde/escape start on beginner till u get ur classes lvl up a bit.

And welcome to the forums👍

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On his 2nd point I think he’s referring to the shotgun centric meta where you close distance and often one shot your opponent. It seems a number of newer and/or more casual players are put off by it. However, many feel it defines the pvp game play and makes it unique.

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You can’t finish campaign and think you’re going to like pvp straight away. You are a bot for now my son. Please try recruitment/boot camp/quick plays.


The problem with gears for new players is that the game plays so differently from the campaign to the multiplayer and that can throw so many people off this game.


Exactly. single player uses mostly rifles and other pickups to get kills and then when switching to multiplayer it is all gnasher.

The game shot itself in the foot and struck gold at once within gears 1 and hasn’t been able to correct that or balance that.

Old players want the same old maps which prevents designing new maps that allow different playstyles

Community hates dying from anything other than a gnasher.

It just makes zero sense to a new player…so epic and now TC have to implement these delays and changes to try to balance the gameplay.

The solution would simply be stronger rifles…but with maps like these and multiple people shooting then you will get the cross complaint and “stacks” complaint.

I honestly think the old school players are just in the wrong for demanding the game stay in this state at this point.

It doesn’t even explain to new players about it being a predominantly close quarter shooter because…how do you even explain that?

We can’t have a game be successful online with one weapon and you will never get new players to understand that a close range weapon that you can’t kill anyone with is the “primary” as many in the community believe/demand.
then you lose the unique close quarter combat gameplay that so many of us like so much.

i can’t think of another game where nobody likes using rifles and are bored with them.

It just doesn’t make sense to people who didnt get into early on I believe.