New theory about Reyna/Myrrah

Most people are questing WHO fathered Reyna but in my opinion thats not important but rather WHY?

I believe Myrrah took human sperm and impregnated herself and the sole purpose of Reyna was a back up plan. Myrrah knew if she died and without her human intellect the war was lost so she planned to raise Reyna with her the same values she has. I believe Reyna was born after E-Day. Myrrah did not intend to love Reyna as a normal mother would but I believe she did end up loving Reyna and sheltered her from the war and not teaching her to hate humanity and Reyna loved Myrrah shown by her necklace that she values alot. During operation hollowstorm Myrrah had to leave Reyna or maybe lost her during evac but regardless I believe she was saved by a young COG gear and the two would eventually birth Kait. Tell me what you think and feel free to add to it or poke holes in it. Theirs more details but this is the general theory.

Wasn’t Kait’s father an engineer of some sort within the COG army? I recall one of the collectibles in GOW4 being a book that he had authored and it was about engineering and helicopters or something.

If so I doubt he went into the Hollow at any point. I’d have thought he met Reyna on the surface.

Yes, as I said this was basic. I believe Reyna was a stranded for a few months before meeting the Gear.

I like the theory the only thing I can think of though is that if Myrrah was raising Reyna at any point I think that Reyna would have grown to hate the “Ground walkers”. If we can just get a hint at how old Reyna actually is it could go a lot of ways. Im thinking that Reyna was lost or separated from Myrrah at some point while she was a child and ended up growing up with stranded or the COG and meeting Kaits father down the road. And yes @Bleeding_Pepper he was a engineer for the COG and wrote the King Raven Maintenance Manuel

As I mentioned, Reynas purpose was to replace Myrrah if she was killed but Myrrah ended up loving Reyna so she sheltered her. Reyna wouldn’t have met another human until the aftermath of hollowstorm and she was taken in as a young teenager by stranded.

Yea but all that time down there Reyna would have come across the Locust at some point and also no matter how much Myrrah loved her, Myrrahs hatred for the humans would have been passed to Reyna. Just my opinion. And I can totally see her using artificial insemination, after all they were experimenting on the humans

I get you. But brainwashing at such a young age is very hard to comeback from. And Myrrah has her quarters so Reyna could’ve been their 24 hours a day. But the overall point is that Reyna’s father is a nobody as Reyna Clearly has Hispanic in her so I assume the locust kidnapped a random muscular and tall gear (for good genes) and ‘harvested’ him. But people will still try to theorise about it even though the answer is clear imo.

Reyna is the daughter of Marcus Fenix.

Reyna is the daughter of Adam Fenix. JD is kait’s brother from another mother.

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For a start I don’t think she impregnated herself, that doesn’t sound right in the slightest.

It’s more than likely that they were separated when Reyna was very, very young, as given their different accents (Myrrah sounding more “English” and Reyna sounding as if she was brought up by Indians or something) and general views (Myrrah being the Locust Queen and Reyna having no allegiance to the Locust whatsoever) nothing else would make sense.

As for the Father I know Adam would be the favourite. I have my doubts as he’s too much of an obvious choice, but they had a good relationship. It’s possible Adam was the one that managed to get Reyna away from Myrrah at a young age (possibly to a stranded community which would explain her eventual leadership of the Outsiders) and that would partly explain her very poor treatment of him in captivity later on.

Either way it’ll be interesting to see what The Coalation comes up with…

Just no.

Hey, your toadies murdered my wife and you wanna kill everyone else unless I solve your problems…let’s bang.

Yes! Exactly. It’s the ultimate romantic twist. He obviously has disturbing fantasies, it would add depth to his character. :crazy_face:

…then you keep imagining Myrrah spending her younger days playing with Droppers and magic goo.

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Maybe Adam and Myrrah were already banging and she killed off his wife. Love triangle murder.


Now JD and Kait lol

This is my shipping pair. In fact, I have it on good authority that it is canon because if two characters go more than 5 seconds without trying to kill each other while occupying the same social space, then that is definitive evidence that they harbor romantic sentiment for one another.


Me, watching E3 reveal trailer for Gears 4:
Oh hey, the girl looks kinda like she could be Dom and Sam’s daughter, they hooked up sometime during Gears 3 after all the shipping between them in the books.

TC: Canon? We laugh at the idea of canon
lol Anya had a son despite implication of her being sterile, also the lancer was already being made a month after eday, despite it being made over a yr later in the lore because “fun”- ( this is mentioned in GEARS 3, actually mentioned in game in text for a collectible) also Kait is Myrrah’s granddaughter because the human hating Myrrah would totally smash a human, figuratively speaking. She’d definitely smash humans literally.

I don’t recall Sam and Dom hooking up in the books, I remember Sam wanting to but Dom never got over Maria