New Tactics onyx guard skin

Stuff in the NEW SECTION will be IRON ONLY for the FIRST WEEK.

The NEXT WEEK they will go into the OPERATION 5 SECTION and can be purchased COINS.


Are you sure?? Featured section always goes to op5 store but some New section skins stay only for 1 week and then they disappear like the Krampus Warden it was in the New section and now is gone so I fear this Tactics onyx guard skin will last only 1 week and then will expire!

Featured stuff never go into the Op5 Section. I don’t know what you’re smoking. Why would PRE-OPERATION 5 STUFF be in the OPERATION 5 SECTION? The Tactics Onyx Guard will be in the Op5 Section by next Tuesday for coins (unless TC decides to delay that). If they vanish forever by next week then I’ll actually eat my own feces.

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OK thanks to clarify everything!
Chill man I don’t smoke nothing at all :joy:

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lmfao my bad

You’ve asked and got an answer already in another thread.

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