New Tactics onyx guard skin

Happy to see a comeback for the classic old Onyx guard skin from Gow3 but I don’t get why every time something must get changed, blue trousers and blue helmet parts? Why not to keep the original all black outfit/armor??
Also I want to understand this new skin will be only Iron or after a week it will be available with gears coins??? We have a week to get it and then we lose it or later we can get the skin?
After this onyx guard skin now I can see a comeback for Armored Prescott skin!!! What do u think guys??

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It’s not the Gears 3/ Judgment skins look at the chest armor & shoulder pads if you can’t tell your a rookie


They’re changed because these aren’t the Gears 3 Onyx Guards. They’re the Guards as you customize them in Tactics, which use different designs compared to Gears 3’s version.


At first glance, it looks like a recolor, but there are some subtle differences.

No matter what they do its not gonna be the Onyx Guard without Brian Bloom.


And the Female Onyx Guard voice from Judgment.


“You’re dead”

Something about that delivery when you get a headshot in Judgment is so great. Maybe how monotone yet cold it sounded when she says it. I miss that voice too.


Just give us Gears 3/J Onyx. He is excellent and the “ribbed” back of the armour is excellent. Female is also badarsed.

He is so good, last night he went 6-0 on Escalation! without me picking up the pad, I was in the Jakes

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No Surrender, No Retreat, No Defeat!

I love that line.

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Going around calling people “rookies”. What a class act we have here! The self-proclaimed KING OF SKINS! He’s so insecure that when other people make posts about character skins that he’s gotta go around slagging other people off!


The voice is worse because it sounds like some loser “milsim” airsoft/paintball teenager pretending to be a soldier.

These are supposed to be the elite of the elite and not some overly cheerful teenager at some Call of Duty lookin a** LARP session.

Appearance wise it’s pointless to complain about when the game is broken at its core.


Its probably as close as we are going to get when it comes to the Onyx Guard. I would happily take a comeplete import of the one from Gears of War 3 and even copy and paste the lines or whatever lol.


You’re right such as the belt buckle and the shotgun shells on the hip.

If anyone wants to argue we could say that these Tactics skins were the Onyx Guard of old and they evolved slightly to what their appearance is in Gears 3.

Either way I like any version of the Onyx Guard minus the voice not being the Gears 3 version.


TC needs to have another voice actor for the Onyx Guard whether it’s Brian Bloom or another person who can capture that deep, gritty voice.

It’s a step in the right direction that TC is making the Tactics Onyx Guard to somewhat capture the old school look (still prefer the Gears of War 3/Judgement skin) but with Vermelo’s voice (also Casan to others), it just doesn’t work.

Many people have been complaining about the Onyx Guard voice for a while now and I can imagine TC must know this by now, but if they don’t change the voice, the Onyx Guards will never reach their full glory.

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Whoever does the campaign Onyx Guard voice isn’t the same as the MP one is it? At least get that guy.


Unless they get a different voice actor I’m not getting it.

They are F ing* annoying… specially when they laugh :-1: I don’t know how people like them!

Me too. The delivery on that line is just great.

I want to get this clear if you go in store you can see
1.(New) with new items and 2.(Featured) with new skins that last 7 days and then expire followed by new items every week! So now Tactics Onyx guard with iron only is under New items that means will get lost after 7 days while under Featured we have gow 5 onyx guard with coins and later they will go in op5 store but New Tactics onyx guard will expire right??
Can someone explain me this? please
New items are iron only and expire after a week forever while Featured items with coin will go in op5 always available?? Is this right?