New store. Wtf is this execution

Wtf is this throttle? It’s already do free in the game? I’m guessing it needs content from an update that isn’t out yet.

Yeah this is really low. Creating new things and putting them in the store is one thing, but literally taking something that’s already in the game for free then selling it for a different weapon is iust ridiculous.


It’s a bug , 99% sure.

Na it says its for the boltok

Doesn’t change what I said.

How would it be a bug?? Its not showing the wrong title or wrong execution

Even the picture is a poor imago being throttled. Yeah pretty sure it’s not a bug.

You’re right. I was think when they put Del and JD in the store and it was a bug. But that didn’t have their names.

The weapon skins set is toss. For that much money I would want a far better set and a dynamic set at that!

That’s why the whatsup weekly is important… So we know if the ■■■■ is intended or not

the 1 good thing is they seem to be listening to us and not selling a complete set for $45. $15 is a decent price point for the full set but selling us an execution thats already free is insane but thats TC one step forward to steps back


Looks like a little kid just sprayed random shapes and colors


I’ll ask my 3y old to do concept art then. Incoming attempt at drawing a horse.

Imo the best weapon skins are the rockstar ones. Sadly they’re limited to the lancer. They’re nice though.

Its 15 dollars cause it’s a common set.
If it was epic it would be 30 to 50 bones

Yea I didnt realize that at first. Wonder what legendary would cost lol

To be honest whether a card is legendary or common is irrelevant if the card isn’t craftable or scrapable. It just has a different colour border.

I was thinking the same thing. Theres no point in card levels for customization anymore

I think it’s a little overpriced, however, it’s good to see that skin sets are now skin sets for sure…

Even if it’s that horrendous set lmao

I think they may actually listen?

Eventually we are gonna get Delivery Mac blood sprays!!! Because of popular demand!