New skins, same dull horde mode

As the title says. I’ve put almost 800 hours into this game, and was hoping this new drop would add some better options for gameplay. With several modes in Horde, everything is so restrictive. There isn’t anything to make the game fun, once you hit level 20 with your favorite class. There’s no incentive to upgrade any other class.

Play Blademaster. Its endless fun.


Play a different game, It’s endless title choices.


There is one skin type I would love to have and that would be a dessert A.I. I love using robots more than any other character and having one with some kind of mantle and a hood would be just perfect.

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This sounds like a personal problem. Not a TC problem lol.


I even have got both Level 20 and Level 1 classes… :sweat_smile:

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If you think this horde is dumb how did you cope with previous titles’? As gears hordes go 5 is pretty in depth.

Maybe you’ve just exhausted the game?


Pretty much. I can’t find anything else I’m really interested in. I keep hoping to come back and enjoy it. Playing in lobbies with randoms who spam the dumb emotes gets old. Or trying to play with bots that won’t pick you up for some reason, just to be instakilled once a snatcher or warden knocks you down makes the game stupidly difficult.

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Their servers being down as frequently as they are definitely makes you want to play something else lol

Same dull horde?

This mode has gotten so much care attention and content. Yeah we’re getting nothing now, well versus still is, which sucks but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate all the work done to improve this mode.

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I think that is fair, Horde is a very different Beast (hehe) now to what it was upon release.

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What care, pray tell? When Op8 dropped, Horde got maybe 1 event? Every week or 2 is a new versus event. Versus dropped a new weapon that you can’t use in Horde. Plus all the relic weapons and hammer of dawn in versus that aren’t available in Horde. The servers shut down so often, I can barely play, lately. They added custom game modes to Horde, if you wanna count that, but you still can’t modify anything worth a crap to make the game even somewhat fun. It’s rage inducing and disappointing.